Southampton Vs Arsenal (PL)


Southampton’s home record isn’t all that either though, especially recently. Since we beat them 5-0 there in January, they’ve only won one home game – they lost to West Ham and couldn’t score against Hull or Bournemouth! I think we’ll get the win.


That said Liverpool still got a lot of games in their wilderness years


For some reason im pretty confident we will win tonight so anyone who is having a bet stick ya money on a Southampton win :joy:


I’m neither attending nor watching the match, so Arsenal usually does win in those circumstances. AWAY WIN


Should be easy 3 points for the Saints really.


[quote=“Calum, post:19, topic:1448, full:true”]
[/quote]I was all geared up for watching this tonight until I saw this :wenger2:

No Arsenal on TV makes Mysty go something something…


With you there .
I would have thought TV would want to show this .
Let’s hope we get a win .


Maybe it’s because this is a rearranged fixture and the Tv companies weren’t able to pick it up at relatively short notice

I bet if it was Chelsea Tottenham they’d make an exception tho.


But we have never won away to them since they returned to the Premier League :mustafi:


Buzz Killington :xhaka:


Hopefully the 5-0 in the F.A. Cup is gonna give us a good boost :wink:


Well they only buy a certain number of games for broadcast so they do have to pick and choose which ones to show.


Don’t forget Atletico Madrid is on tonight as well, so that might have an impact too.


Let’s just hope someone remembers to open MDC tonight :smirk:


Da Boss out.


Kosh out.

All hell to break loose at the back. :facepalm:


Don’t worry, Holding will hold us together…

Still confident of the win. 1-3.


I think he has just been rested, tbh.




OH FUCK! Just realized that scottish angus has opened this thread. We’re doomed. 3-0 to Southampton :hipster: :expressionless: