Southampton v Arsenal (FA Cup)


Top bantz bro.


Quality performance. Poor opposition on the day. Both can be true simultaneously. In my opinion there’s no reason we wouldn’t have won that match against a full strength Southampton side instead, had we displayed that very same level of efficiency and accuracy in every move we put together last night. We haven’t performed our jobs that well against Southampton away in a very long time. The performance is the reason for the victory. The poverty of the opposition played a big part in the actual margin of victory. It’s all hypothetical but I reckon we would have still won by at least two clear goals even if they went full strength. The runs, choices of pass, weight and accuracy of each pass, finishing etc was all very clinical compared to our usual play.


Totes srs.


fucking hate him !lots of pace as phobica said unstoppable


Must be pretty crap when you’re 3-0 down and then the other team brings on Alexis Sanchez :smile:

Feels weird not having anything to complain about.


£15 for the ticket, GCSE mathematics tells me that equals £3 a goal.

Not a bad day out and a good way to exorcise the demons of losing heavily away to them.


To be fair, they didn’t look that bothered, especially when they went behind.
Basically our B team thrashed their B team.

As for us “going nowhere,” even you have to admit it’s hard to see where we are going.


Does Jade ring a bell? Quite sure that is her name…if not i am gonna look like a schmuck lol!


Ha, you’re not a schmuck. That is indeed correct :slight_smile:


Alright Mike stop showing off


Shut the fuck up Adolf.


I think it’s just what you choose to see my friend.

I really believe in us and could write war and peace (is that a thing?) On why we are going somewhere.


That’s fair enough.
I sincerely hope you’re right.


Even if im not right, i apply that perspective in all walks of life.

I choose to see positives because ive experienced anxiety, depression, loss etc and i understand the power of positive thinking.

So of course i could be way off the mark with my analysis.


This is the motherfucking truth.


Happy to see us use pace ,great to see welbeck fit , a joy to see us getting men into the box and ecstatic to see us keep going till the end . Theos hatrick will do wonders for confidence. The Ox ran the midfield like the opposition wernt there. And there lies the rub they wernt very good . still any 5-0 against premiership opposition is good . I want us to go all out for the cup .


half and half ,a complete and utter bell end ! makes claude look human !


You do realise that War and Peace took 30 years to write though.:slight_smile:


Better get comfy then!


No boos for Oxlade-Chamberlain or Walcott either, I guess the Saints fans have got so many ex-players to jeer now that they’ve forgotten about our ones.