Southampton v Arsenal (FA Cup)


Our 3 youngsters looked so composed and calm today, especially Jeff. He played like a veteran. Nice to see Theo and Welbeck scoring all our goals as well.


Let it go out…


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@GunnerGirl, for once, i have to give you credits
[/quote]Maybe you’ll have ease up on her more often in future :smiley:

Brillianly called GG. The Saints don’t have a prayer :wenger:


It’s just because i am still fuming over her old predictions :wenger:


FAO all the experts in the house.
Shove your stupid reaction to the lineup up your arse.

Well done Wenga.


0-5?! Damn, I missed a goodun.


He is back!!!


Ox bossed it today. Might be hope for the lad yet! MOTM for me.


Scum away next round.


Just don’t forget how terrible soton lineup was


Yes hence always remember to check that before reacting to ours.


Our second string is better than their second string… Onwards and upwards.


Yeah…I’m happy with the result but Southampton also played a second string. Our scrubs are better than their scrubs. Great performance from Dat Guy though.


:notes: Ni**as in Soton - Danny Welbo feat Theo Walcott (special mention for Oxlade, AMN, The Jeff). :heart_eyes:

Outstanding performance by the lads. Perfect on defense with Mustafi as leader and Holding (I don’t know many young CBs better than him), very surprised about the maturity of Niles and Jeff on midfield, with an excellent Oxlade near them. In my opinion he has played his best games with us playing on midfield, like in the past against AC Milan at The Emirates.

I haven’t particular notes for Lucas Perez (his first touch should help to understand why the spanish football - especially at youth level - is much better than the other cultures. From the worldclass player to the average player, everyone have an individual technique incredible and better than the other european players (including the super stars), Danny Welbeck (he is back. His class will help us to have more solutions on attack and on the wings), Theo Walcott and Alexis. Isn’t human to play only 20 minutes and be decisive as usual. He should score or assist even sleeping.

Thinking about the next round, would be like to play against a small team, but in my opinion we will host a top team like Chelsea or City. Sensations.


Perfect performance almost. Was a great spectacle although the opposition was dire. Ospina does still seem a bit like a nutter at times - doesn’t fill me with confidence. Liking AMN and JRA. Wonderful hat trick by Theo. Good day for the Gunners.


Good day for the boys. Only fair to say good day for Wenger too. We can win this and that just excites the fuck out of me personally.
Bring on the draw. Just love this competition.


Agreed, I always get extra pumped when I hear the fans singing “we’re the famous Arsenal and we’re going to Wembley!!”




There’s absolutely no reason that Saint’s had to throw the game away, we took a huge gamble by making ten changes and they made an even worse one by doing the same.

If I was a Saints fan I’d be pretty pissed off. Genuinely expected them to come and have a go at us today.


No please, after two difficult games, i want someone like Huddersfield or Lincoln at home.