Southampton v Arsenal (FA Cup)


Puke worthy lineup.


biggest worry there is the Bench…6 outfield players, 4 of them are defenders…


Welbeck, Walcott and Lucas up front is exciting, interesting to see ox at CM.

Not a strong lineup at all, but resting the players is the right thing to do with 2 important games within 5 days of each other.

I get it. Plus Southampton aren’t exactly on fire so I’ll reserve judgement


not sure of the problem there. When we’re winning 3-0, we bring on the defenders to secure the win.


No way we’re gonna win now…



Scenes at that midfield


That’s what happens in this day and age when people have kids before getting married :grin:


And if we are behind?!


Well we have Alexis and Iwobi on the bench. But we won’t be behind, Bould has it sorted.


So much pace in that team, should be a thrashing.


Nothing wrong with the old badge…hes a prick though…




So hes using this game to give the returning injured,sorry new signings game time…


I actually quite lile the lineup. No idea what to expect however I am choosing to remain positive.

The front three could be a revelation, Ox is having a great season (remain objective AC) and from what we have seen so far of JRA there is every reason to believe he could be a fantastic CAM.

Expect a batshit crazy about of fluidity and interchanging. Just got to hope we don’t lose possession at all. :smile:


^TMW you wait all morning to see the Arsenal XI


MDC opened

JOIN US :point_right:


Every managers during the Summer bought replacement for the players with the problem of the AFCON in January. We have Elneny off for this competition, another midfielder out for 4 games, another midfielder out for 3 months but nobody (young or experienced midfielder) has been bought to solve the problem. Stupid choice by AW in this case.


Agreed. Just found it amusing that it’s the old badge on new shirts. :wink:


C’mon Arsenal!


Southampton’s line up is unreal. I don’t even think I know some of them. No excuses if we lose.