Shkodran Mustafi (20)


I think mustafi is quality but i think he isn’t a good fit with Wenger. He needs to be botched and yelled at I bet he’d be a massive player under Mourinho.


I think you just like being obtuse. Whoever everyone is fed up with you have to back to the hilt. You cannot give Lacazette a break because he is shit garbage etc but rate walcott and chamberlain. Mustafi is good for a goal a game for the opposition on a consistant basis because of lack of brains and doing stupid things and not concentrating but all of a sudden you feel there is a ‘massive’ player in there somewhere…hhhmmm.


Yeah Moose may come good under a different manager, but he has been shambolic for us far more than he has been good. His propensity for the calamitous is the worst kind of characteristic in a CB too…

To me, he, Xhaka, Laca, and maybe Chambers and Kola look increasingly like busts. Maybe they’ll new better with proper management, but none of them look anywhere close to WC potential regardless.


The problem with Mustafi as I see it is that he is a talented player who needs to be coached. Imagine if he was diving in off his feet shambolically for someone like Mourinho, he’d get a bollocking straight away and would be off the pitch if he did it again.

Wenger SAYS NOTHING to these players when they make mistakes, and Bould probably isn’t allowed to sort it out. Players don’t always have the brains and they need guidance, and we don’t surround them with people who will give it to them. It’s just painful to watch.


Another one from Paolo Musdini




Well, you did have high hopes on them…


Didn’t think wc, but the distance is too far. And we need to strike gold every few.


The talent were there, but we just let them slipped away…
look at the “almost signed” list… you will know.


There’s a big gap between world class and bust but Xhaka and Mustafi certainly look like flops right now