Shkodran Mustafi (20)




Mustafi’s really bugged me for some time. I hate scapegoating too much but that really is the most pathetic ‘defending’. Right up there with Mertesacker turning away from free kicks going into the box. It’s a recurring theme with our defenders. Yes he has good games but not enough of them, he’s one of the first I want out in the summer


Want to see these players under someone decent before just revamping our squad for the umpteenth time only for the performances to get worse.


What is wrong with you…


How long do you have?


Mate, when someone is fed up with the whole situation he talks bad things.


Perhaps tell the manager that yeah, Mus?

They know where they went wrong, but they continue to make the same mistakes – so yeah, I think they do need outsiders to tell them what to do!


If you’re listening Shkoddy, it really helps when the defender is between the striker and the goal.


He’s not listening to outsiders like you


He’s listening to the man with 30 years’ managerial experience!


For fuck sake, Jogi Low please don’t select this guy…
Arrogant mind but do little