Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Well it only says he had to have done “light training” since Tuesday. He could have been doing that at home or somewhere else other than the training pitch. I guess that’s what they mean. But seems unlikely.


The gods are conspiring against us…


How do the FA know if he has done light training or not.

We could just say he has been doing personal training by himself at his home or elsewhere. Sounds like a rule that they cant enforce tbh.


Cant he buy Kos’s ban off him…


You could but what’s the point in lying? It would just potentially harm the player in the long run. The FA’s policy is “If in doubt, sit him out.” I guess they just rely on the clubs to be sensible.


I still can’t pronounce it right :gabriel:
Scrotum Mustafi


Club medical staff could face serious repercussions for not relating the entire truth about a player’s situation especially when it comes to head injuries/concussion. They’re compelled the FA and other professional medical bodies to always report the truth


Just play him. Gets paid handsomely. Hes a man im sure he will be fine. Deal with any reprecussions after. Players are wimps these days.

What Im saying is if the medical pass him fit then fuck that light training rule.


How much he gets paid really has nothing to do with it. The money won’t be much use to him if he received another head injury and it was exacerbated by the original injury not being fully healed.

They need to take the examination of situations like this away from the clubs though. There should be no vested interests when it comes to a decision like this.


If our medical team deem him fit to play then that should be final IMO.

I am not condoning him playing injured. I just think that training rule is silly and impossible to police.


On many other injuries maybe but head injuries and concussions are a different beast.


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congrats to him




Super season from him inbound!




Gotta love Mustafi


Is he back tomorrow?


I saw a link yesterday linking him with a move to Inter