Shkodran Mustafi (20)


As he is not a WC player, he needs the right manager to flourish completely.


Drop him for Holding been poor for ages. Under a new manager he will be better.


Should have bought Evans.


Dunno how much longer I can hold off before offering the tentative suggestion that on balance he’s had a poor season.


Lol what happened to all the praise, the undefeated stuff?

Remember when we thought this guy was better than Per? What happened to that.


"You there stop defending right now!!


@Robin_L has cursed him.


Now you explain it sir :wink:


He’s gone from not being able to lose to not being able to win!


There’s no point picking out individuals when the whole team play so shit as a collective group. Whole team is a shambles at the moment.



Morale at the club must be at an all time low. Wenger should just bite the bullet and fall on his sword if he loves the club as much as he says he does.


He may be on Per’s level, but absolutely not better.


I wonder if it’s possible to tell which club Shkodran supported growing up. :thinking:



Clearly not Arsenal. The cunt.


Ah let’s remember the good times


@Robin_L, shame on you! :hipster:




Ben Dinnery was just saying Mustafi is expected to be fine for the final.

I can’t believe that for our biggest FA Cup final since 2005 and we have our fucking entire back line out injured. Against Chelsea.

Why couldn’t this have happened against dog-shite Hull or Villa and then let us have a fully fit team against Chelsea? FML.


Mertesacker is gonna have to be in amazing form