Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Hes been out of sorts for a while now and thats a worry as it turns into the norm here.
Nobody ever pulls anyone on defence here. Bad habits tend to become part of our approach for some reason.
Although decent for most of the season, hes been over hyped at times.


If the system doesn’t protect him he’s left exposed and his lack of intelligent as a defender is obvious to see. He’s physically dominant and is good on the ball but he doesn’t read the game very well and doesn’t anticipate the way you expect a 30-35m defender to do.

I used to watch him at Sampdoria and didn’t think he was that good and at Valencia I always felt like he looked a bit too prone to lapses in concentration and couldn’t always anticipate too well.

Under a different manager he’d be a resounding success but when your manager doesn’t respect defensive organisation it will just make Mustafi look like a donkey every now and then.

Look at David Luiz if you want to see the kind of system you need Mustafi in to truly bring out the best in him.


Think that’s harsh on Mustafi, he didn’t play well but he isn’t anywhere near as brainless as Luiz is or at least used to be.

Intelligence and anticipation aren’t really the issue and he’s pretty young for a CB tbh, he does not need to play in three to bring the best out of him that much is proven. With that said I can agree that under a different manager the whole defence would be a different proposition hell the whole team would be.


I think like Kos he probably get better with age but right now I’m not too convinced by him. Far too many fans went OTT on him after a few good performances like he was the second coming of Tony Adams. But you can see the little mistakes he makes , anyone with pace will easily get behind him and he’s far more interested in given out to other players then looking at his own game. Think he be a good solid CB for us but he has a mistake or two in him that cost us in big games.


He is not a leader. He is someone who works well along with another great CB.


That was tongue in cheek… how wasnt that obvious.


I agree with you on most of these ott opinions. Im not conviniced totally by him yet although im hopefull.
I think all this talk of how good this squad is wrong. If we get a new manager id be expecting a fair few changes over a couple of seasons.
Seems to be a body of opinion that were some sort of champions elect being mismanaged.
Where not being lead well, but we a far from the team some think we are.


Mustafi is not turning out the signing I wanted him to be.

A full level below top class. People say Xhaka hasn’t worked out, don’t think Mustafi is cutting the mustard either really. Lapses in concentration are frequent.

As with Xhaka I never judge totally during season one but he’s dipped pretty noticeably now since his promising early months.


I don’t think he’s a Koscielny. He wants to win the ball early and high up the pitch - he is over eager to help out Bellerin on the right, completely exposing Koscielny to cover for two people. He needs an organizer with him, that is why he works with Kos, and goes completely batshit crazy when he plays with anybody else.


I think his initial impact was clear but coupled with the fact this team clearly has no defensive organisation it simply couldn’t last.

Mustafi isn’t the finished article, just turned 24 and is better than Kos when he came here, he still has a level or two to reach and it won’t be under Wenger.


He was a good singing, adequate to cover/rotate with Per… somehow Arsenal fans like to hype up our signings, and sound like he is a top class.
Sure he is not. There is a huge gap in between him and Hummels and Boetang, who are really top class.


Wonder if he can ‘become’ an organiser post-Koscielny, or if we’re just going to have to live with the mental deficiencies and eventually pair him with someone who is


Mustafi is okay, we have far more important issues and weaknesses need to handle before him.


Looool knew this was gonna happen.

Mustafi has been Wengified.


I said before we signed him that I’m not convinced by him and that’s because I knew he doesn’t have the necessary quality to play well in a system that doesn’t offer the defence much protection. Under a different manager and a different system, I have no doubt he’ll be fine.


…but, why? is he not fine now? In my opinion has played a very good game yesterday.


Yeah I was at the match and thought Mustafi was excellent for an hour until it all went tits up - the whole team, bar Ox, disappeared there.


Valencia and their CBs…


Atm he’s basically Sergio Ramos, just swap really good passing for really good scoring from dead balls (tbf to Mustafi, he doesn’t have Toni Kroos here delivering by far the best dead ball delivery in the game). Hopefully he can be more under a better manager who can make him mature a bit more defensively. But I agree, he was as good as anyone yesterday until the team collapsed, really quite understandably, after that ridiculous decision.


His pass to release Walcott was insane for a centre back