Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Yes! First goal for us and still unbeaten!


Great goal, but guys, what a fucking defense we have! Thanks to him we have a solid defense. His partnership with Koscielny is incredible, because one tries to limit the weakness of each other


Still unbeaten too. He is a lucky charm :heart_eyes:


Really liked his determination. First off that was a stunning header. Secondly he looks very comfortable on the ball. Finally when the team pushed forward he took the kind of assertive responsibility in the final third that we desperately needed to salvage the result.


15 games without losing in the league this season. I think that’s an impressive number and I’m glad that we brought him in. I was sceptical but he’s done well to prove me wrong in certain regards this season and long may it continue.


I just can’t fathom how many people were moaning about how expensive he was at 35mil when you see the prices for players getting thrown around these days. He’s been worth every single penny.


I agree.
I can’t think of many defensive players we have bought that have come straight into the first team, and perform at the highest level like he has, and didn’t need time for adjustment.
The only problem I had with his transfer was that it should have been made the season before, along with Xhaka, and threw away an opportunity to win the PL because we had to play Mertesacker and Flamini.

Mustafi is possibly one of Wenger’s best defensive signings, and it means with him and Kos, we have two top quality CB’s that are arguably the best in the PL.


I remember there was some poster on here who once said Shkodran has always been a poor defender and that Otamendi made him look good at Valencia and carried him on his back.



Haha it looks like it’s the other way round! :wink:


It definitely is, Otamendi needs a leader to keep him in line otherwise he’s just reckless as hell.

Says a lot that Mustafi had a better season without him when he left and now seamlessly fits into our side despite a distinct lack of organisation and defensive cohesiveness.

Under a different manager the CB partnership of Kostafi would be even more formidable.


Our lucky charm, and we need him to play every single league game till the end of season.


To be honest I still don’t think he’s discovered his level he had pre Hamstring injury, but it looks to be a quality signing & he’s fantastic on the ball.


He has been decent, nothing spectacular or out of the world. He has a mistake in him almost every game, but had largely been getting away with it. Can certainly improve and get much better with age on his side.


He’s been a lot more than decent tbh.


Apart from the first games, i think he has settled in well.


Nothing spectacular or out of this world are in my book two very valuable assets(?!). Nothing spectacular about Adams, Bould and Keown either.


I think he has already locked down the starting job…even Per is healthy.


Per was done the moment we signed him.


Mustafi knows how to win trophies. We don’t have many players like this in our team. That’s enough for me to like him.


That’s way too harsh on Per