Shkodran Mustafi (20)


It’s just a standard three week hamstring job, we have players who can cover. It’s the kind of thing you need to be able to deal with in a season if you have designs on being successful.


Agreed. And therein lies the problem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nah but in fairness I’m confident in either Gabriel or Holding to do a job for a couple of games.


Just shit timing as usual. Everton and City away. If we ever needed in the guy it’s right now.


If our title challenge collapses because we’ve lost Shkodran Mustafi for 3 weeks then we don’t deserve to be contenders.


I thought our title challenge ended with Cazorla getting injured?


So you are saying he is overrated?


No. Both no player is going to play 38 games. Players are going to miss games through suspensions and small injuries. You need to cope with that.


He can’t come back soon enough already.


Only two games he hasn’t played in are our only two losses, what a G.


When you come back please don’t ever leave us again Shkodran :sob:


Arsenal Fans be blaming a 3 week injury for Mustafi when we finish 3rd or 4th in May again :scream:


Capitan obvious to the rescue! Don’t think he was a big miss yesterday. Both two goals could have been avoidable with more attention.


Both goals avoidable whatever centre back pairing you have.


The first one is Bellerin’s fault. Shouldn’t have let Baines cross. You know he is good at this thing. The second is Ozil’s.


Yeah team defence a problem Arsenal have had at times for a decade.


It was Walcott, not Bellerin.


Yeah it’s true Walcott gambled a bit too much, he should have just played it safe and blocked the cross.


I add that despite being good once again yesterday, Le Coq put us some under serious threat by losing the ball too many times in dangerous positions.


We’ve shipped 17 goals in 16 games, a ratio that we need to not worsen if we have any designs on being champions. One goal per game.

I think maybe one team has won the league in the last decade or so with having conceded at a worse ratio than that, with that being the faltering defence of Ferguson’s last title-winning side (Vidic et al).

So conceding one per game isn’t all that disastrous if the attack’s going well enough. The two games we’ve played without SHKODRAN have been the two where we’ve conceded 2+ goals.


Didn’t lose a game with him in defence and now we’ve lost the 2 he’s been gone for.

Here I was thinking “oh 3 weeks isn’t bad, it’ll just be like a winter break for him, Gabriel will be able to cover and Mustafi will come back stronger than ever”.

How wrong was I.

Turns out it wasn’t Ozil and Sanchez carrying us, it was Mustafi.