Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Mustafi had a very poor game IMO, was all over the shop on a few different occasions.


I think he’s looked a bit suspect the past two, maybe three games now? Going into tackles rashly and coming out of them looking absolutely mugged off as his opponent skips away with the ball. Reevaluate and go back to basics again Mr. Alfie.



He’s out for 3 weeks :sob:




Yeah, hamstring strain. Wenger said “that means he’ll have a nice Christmas” :wenger:

Finally got a decent CB pairing and then this happens. So frustrating.


If its just a strain then he should be back after the festive period, so we will have to cope 4 or 5 games without him.


Should be able to cope without him for 3 weeks and hopefully he’ll be well rested when he returns. It is a bit of a shame though as we’ve got some massive games coming up that I don’t want to see Gabriel throw away for us.



Just pray Wenger starts Holding and not Gabriel. Fear he will go with the more senior player, though. :frowning:

Weird that he gets a hammy injury after not playing mid-week.




3 weeks. Lol


worst timing ever. DAMN IT!!!


FFS. Really good pass to Bellerin as well.

Per or Holding please.


3 weeks is not bad and it might be good for him to get some form of “winter break”.

Hopefully Holding, Gabriel and Mertesacker can tide us over.


Holy shit, totally forgot about Mertesacker.


Isn’t Per out until January ?


Such a shame about the injury. Most of our fixtures during this time are manageable, although Kos/Gabby lineup can be a little suspect from time to time.

Mustafi’s played so much of the season, he was probably due a bit of a rest bite. As long as we don’t pick up any other injuries at the back, I think we can just about manage in his absence, though certainly a big blow for our next two away games, he would’ve been hugely important.

At least by New Year he should be back and Per is not far away from returning either, so we’ll be bolstered in numbers soon enough.


Interesting, I’d start Gabriel over Holding all day long given current form and the continuity factor.

Holding has PNE away coming up in the FA Cup


I had a dream where he actually was subbed back on during the same game against Stoke, because he was
feeling alright actually’ O.o. I didn’t realize that I’d only dreamed it and it wasn’t true till I came on the net this morning.