Shkodran Mustafi (20)


Vokes gave him a tougher match than Costa did for Chelsea or Basel’s non-existent forward line, that’s for sure.

Think he’d probably count it as his toughest game since Liverpool, but it was important to serve as more proof that this guy is up for the battle week in, week out.


We hadn’t signed him when we played Liverpool


Yeah If we actually got the business done faster the outcome of that result may have been different.


Pretty sure mustafi was injured at the start of the season, Ok their is a good chance his “injury” was due to his potential transfer to us but nobody actually knows that, As far as we know even if we had signed him before the Liverpool game he couldn’t have played anyway


I’m not overly concerned in all honesty, I’m just stoked we finally have 2 top quality centre backs in our squad.


Chambers and Holding were our cbs against Liverpool


And a quality backup in Per. Who’da thunk it?


Makes his performance against Liverpool even better then imo.


[quote]Mustafi - Why I held up a Reus shirt

Shkodran Mustafi has revealed why he held up a Marco Reus shirt to celebrate winning the World Cup with Germany.
The Arsenal defender only made his international debut a month before the 2014 tournament and said that he would not have even travelled to Brazil were it not for Reus’ injury.

“I played a game just before the World Cup,” Mustafi told Arsenal Player. “I was in the last 27 but I didn’t make the last 23. But then Marco got injured and I got a call to join the team again, so I went to Brazil.
“When you think that you didn’t make the 23 players the first time, you think, ‘OK, I go there now, but my chances of playing aren’t going to be that big’. But straight away in the first game, you have to go out on to the pitch and in the second game you play again. Then you play again and again, and end up winning the World Cup.
“When people said to me that Marco was injured and now it was my turn, it always sounded a bit like they had forgotten about Marco because I was in the final 23 players.
“What I didn’t want was to forget him. I think he deserved to be there as well. He’s a fantastic player and that’s why I didn’t want to forget him.” [/quote]

Seems like a good guy too.


Funny thing is he got injured for last 3 games.


Shkodran also knows he was the #madness this summer gone too. Maybe next summer eh Mustafi? :wilshere:



TIL Oezil is a gang leader. A “gangsta rapper”?



This guy’s beard and hair cut combo is slick af. Full of envy here.


Kostafi. I like it :wilshere:


I think that I love him.
Is this wrong?



That’s the pic his PR team went for? He looks like a spastic Huth.


Stepped up for Cavani’s goal and got burned, the lack of defensive organistion rears it’s head yet again.