Shkodran Mustafi (20)


The time was too short to be at the top to play an intense game like this, with new team-mates, but has been very good. He looks solid, a fresh air in our defense.


Him and Kos were guarding the same area a couple of times, both dropping deap or both challenging. Not like Kos/Per. But obviously we can’t judge after one game of them playing together. I’m very optimistic about their future playing alongside each other, but they haven’t had the time they need to gel.




Ya know, I’m pretty sure that he and Özil have the same person managing their social media accounts.


Struggled in the air, seems to love getting on the ball and making passes. Was a reasonable debut overall.


I thought he was rather solid. Got stuck in and looks just as comfortable as Koscielny on the ball. Wasn’t afraid to maraud forward too - something Per was really unable to do for us.


I thought he was quite good in the air tbh. Kosh was actually the sweeper in this game, Mustafi was hunting down opposition at will anytime they got too close, showed great footwork, got the ball forward and overall looked a very solid debutant. Very pleased.




Did ok. Hopefully he’ll improve next to Kos.


Reminded me of Vermaelen’s debut. Hopefully things go similarly for him to Vermaelen early on in his Arsenal career and much, much better later on.


Hails their what now? :smirk: Acting like German grit is superior to English grit.

Arsenal’s Shkodran Mustafi hails their Germany-style grit after last-gasp win over Southampton


That sliding tackle and charge up the pitch. Oof.


English grit is overrated.


L’Equipe gave him 2/10 lol. Say what you want about the English press but there are so many sports papers in mainland Europe that are equally shit.


tbf Kos probably only got away because he’s French. The way both of them defended wasn’t better than what our full-backs got, which is a 3.


Got a 2 but PSG still only scored one goal all night. Butthurt much lol


Another one who got picked apart and was all over the place. Makes you think. (Not implying Mertesacker is any good, he’s still average).


But he is a great organizer. Plus his reading of the game would have cut off several of those through balls.

Mustafi & Koscielny are individuals at the moment. One of them have to become a vocal leader, else we will have more of such performances regardless of how good individual players are.


We have had such performances a lot in the past. That’s my point. Individual players aren’t going to change anything. The problem comes from above (and I’m not refering to Gazidis/Kroenke).


You don’t mean…it’s Steve Bould’s fault.

Because I can’t think of anyone who would be responsible for our defensive coaching :wink: