Serie A Thread


You horny today?


Didn’t see him in the CL final though!!! :arteta:

Nah legit though he is a beast player, the power he generates from his shots is something else.




Context, people, context. Mbappe is 18. I’m not a cougar! Dybala at almost 24 though… :grin:


So Wenger should offer 100 mil to Juventus in january? :hipster:



Inter-Spal in 10 minutes. Inter can go level on points with Juventus.


Is Gagliardini playing?




Not a great game so far. Spal doing well to stop Inter from being dangerous.
Pathetic dive by Joao Mario! How can the VAR not see it? 1-0 Icardi thanks to the following penalty.
Icardi is such a beast. Give him the ball in the box and he is so dangerous.
Paloschi :arteta:. That was a massive chance for Spal.
Inter living dangerous by not killing the game off.
Inter hit the bar!
What a strike! Great goal by Perisic!
3 out 3 for Inter like Juventus.
Fiorentina take the lead against Verona.
2-0 Fiorentina now thanks to a penalty. They badly need a win here.


:clap: Unreal goal


3-0 Fiorentina.
Great counter by Sassuolo, just perfect. 1-0 to them against Atalanta.
Cornelius equalizes for Atalanta.
All the first halfs end.
Milan keeping Lazio at the bay atm.
Risky by Donnarumma here. Bastos about to put the ball in.
4-0 Fiorentina.
Penalty to Lazio. Immobile scores. The goal was coming, as Milan were struggling to stop Lazio down the flanks.
Immobile again! Top goal!
2-0 Lazio at HT. Simone Inzaghi showing his managerial skills once again.


Yes Fiorentina. Finally some points on the board for the purple men.


5-0 Fiorentina!
4-0! Wow Lazio! Simone Inzaghi is gonna be a great star in the near future!
Montolivo pulls one back.
4-1 FT for Lazio. Big lesson for Milan.



Internazionale is 9 on 9. Is Spalletti finally the man whose going to do something for that club?


Good to see a strong Juventus and both Milan clubs heading in the right direction. Makes me nostalgia for Serie A pre-2006 :disappointed:




I feel like Montella is a bit out of his depth at the level Milan want from him. But that’s just me.


Simone Inzaghi taught you a good lesson in style :thinking: