Serie A Thread


I get all the above posts. Tbh it’s kinda pointless comparing like for like when analysing transfers. It’s just more the fact that in ‘real terms’ walker isn’t anywhere near him.

Levy is also bloody good at getting above the market rate.


Bonucci has been made captain!


Wow, Mandzukic has reportedly outlined exactly what happened in the locker room the day of the UCL final.

Never seen a footballer give such detail of an off the pitch incident, wouldn’t surprise me if Football-Italia are citing a poor source.

Interview was fake btw


So it was right for Juventus to let them leave, as they had created a toxic dressing room.


That would explain releasing Alves but not selling your best defender to potentially your biggest rival.

In fact it makes Bonucci sound like just the guy you’d want :heart_eyes:


He didn’t want to leave Italy and Milan are the only club that looked like they had the money ready to bring him back. His son isn’t well and his wife didn’t want to leave the country.


I thought his son was ok by now.


Bonucci is class, I’m shocked that Juve sold him to Milan tbh.


Had a row with Allegri. That’s the reason why they sold him.


What do you make of Bonaventura? I think he is Milan “unsung hero”. He is a really underrated player.


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Roma made a parody on all those ScoutNation videos :grin:.




8 days between Cassano signing for Verona and apparently retiring :joy:


LOL. why-?


Aaaand he’s back apparently lol


"This morning I had a moment of weakness"


Italy international, formerly of: Inter, Roma, Milan and Real Madrid.

You’d be hard pressed to find too many CVs as impressive as that but his career was massively underwhelming. Never fulfilled his potential at all.


LOL! JUST LOL! What a farce.


Cassano has retired and/or quit Verona again. Is he actually have a laugh?!


Lol! Crazy fucker!