Serie A Thread


Trophies or not, he’s had a purposeful, fulfilling career. Young player’s would do well to take note.


Apparently is gonna take up a directors role at the club after retiring from playing…loyalty pays sometimes!


Top ten serie a players of all time, with maldini, baresi, baggio, Del piero, Gigi Rivera, and Buffon amongst them. Just such a unique player, so entertaining and really fucking intelligent. If Cassano had his mentality Italy would’ve won a lot more.


He fucking ran Italy’s attack in the 2006 World Cup though, and that is enough for me to certify him a 100% legend.


Fat Gonzalo equalizes right at the end for Juventus against Torino in the Derby della Mole.


When is the last time Juve lost at home ?


Oh, and Acqua’s red card was so comical. Clean tackle.


a huge huge huge loss to football, but an honour to see him play.


No one wants to finish in the Europa League, lol! Inter and Fiorentina losing again.
Lazio beat Sampdoria 7-3! :cech:


Dzeko golazooo!


I don’t know who are worse between Milan and Inter. Both are so far off the top.
Milan pull one back.
What a strike by El Shaarawy! Game over again!
4-1! Milan are in disarray.
4-1 FT for Roma who are second again now.


Lazio 7-3, they have had a quality season with 70 points from 35 games.


Spaletti not letting Totti have his last farewell at San Siro, even though Roma was ahead 3-1 with 10 min to go,and regardless of away fans singing his name and Milan’s applauding .



Pioli fired. Inter and their managers are two separate worlds.


Their board are dreaming of Simeone. If they were not moving stadium next season I’d back him to leave Atletico and go there.


Atalanta reach the Europa League 29 years after the last time! What a season for them!


Yep, only to lose their loanees back to Roma, Lazio, Napoli and Juve… sell the likes of Kessi and Caldara…and exit the competition prior to the group stages next season.

The Italian Southampton.


Fucking doom monger you are! :mustafi: They are gonna replace them with other fine youngsters and the circle goes on.


Juventus can win the title against Roma today. Image doing it against your arch rival :mustafi: