Serie A Thread


He’s gotten so much better with age. I remember him and Ranocchia at Bari. I always thought Ranocchia would be the better CB but careers have gone in two separate directions.


Superb for Roma


fuck. Monchi joining Roma is massive.


To sell their players, yes.


nah man. Monchi was the Sevilla guy right? He was class at player acquisitions if memory serves.

What do you reckon then?


Yes, he is very smart, intelligent, a great business man, but he is a great seller before to be a great buyer.

He bought N’Zonzi because sold Krycho, bought Nasri because lost Banega as free agent etc…

Especially this season, I didn’t understood his transfer policy. Looks like an overdose of ego to show what important he was for Sevilla. Many players bought this summer haven’t satisfied Sampaoli and the team looks not better than the last year.

15 players signed and only five of them (Mercado, Franco Vazquez, Sarabia, Nasri, Jovetic) are good enough for the first team, with many new players relegated on the bench or out of squad.


That’s Sevilla’s place in the food chain though. If you look at the clubs Krycho and Banega went too (PSG and Inter) both richer/bigger clubs than Sevilla. What made Monchi great, is that he replaced the players they sold, with cheaper players whilst not decreasing in quality.


Yeah, this is what I said. He is one of the best to replace “high-profile” players with cheap players.

Arsenal need that?

He signed with AS Roma and is searching a new CB because Manolas wants to leave them and there are many clubs on Radja for the next season.

I would like to see him into a great club with nothing necessity to sell because AS Roma will be a Sevilla 2.0.


Roma thrash Pescara to cement their second place.


Pescara officially relegated.



Thanks for sharing, Greatest ever No9.


Yup, very nice video. Also his one season at Barça is probably up there with one of Messi’s for being the greatest season by an individual player.


Atalanta :giroud2:. What a team they are! Almost beat Juventus tonight.


Roma-Lazio 1-1 at HT.
Game and title over. Typical Roma falling apart when it matters.


Inter losing at home against Napoli. Callejon. Them and Milan don’t really want to play in the Europa League next season, do they? :giroud:
God! Inter didn’t have a single shot on target in the whole second half. A truly awful display.


Late 90s Ronaldo was just scandalous. Closest thing to Messi level I’ve seen in my lifetime (didn’t see Maradona at his peak). Too bad about injuries/getting fat so that we didn’t get to witness that level for even longer. Fat he was still really good though.


Legend. Could have won more trophies if he left but stayed loyal to Roma. :clap:


:cry: His last game will be v Genoa on 28th May. At least it’s a home game.


It had to happen sooner or later. What a champion he has been. Shame he hasn’t won that much in the end.