Serie A Thread


Not really. He made the club what everyone knew it as: The most successful Italian team in the world. He brought us to the very top and kept us there for over two decades. No other team can boast that level of prolonged success. Of course some very stupid decisions and poor future planning made us totally struggle after 2011 and even before then it was inevitable anyway, but I’ll never forget what he’s done for the club, even if not allowing Maldini back into the set up is the biggest mistake of all. Paolo definitely wants nothing to do with the club now, it has been far too long.

Obviously politically it goes without saying what a corrupt piece of shit he is, but in footballing terms, hes the most successful personality in football of all time.


Genuinely surprised that’s your position, I would have thought the total decline from being among the top 2-3 club teams in the world would have fans clamouring to kick him out.

Maybe it’s just because I’m used to Arsenal fans perspectives on long term contribution :joy:


I’m glad he’s gone, and the future is brighter without him at the helm holding us back, but I think Berlu’s Milan reached heights Arsenal never did so tolerate Berlu a lot more than I would if he had had the last decade success wise that Wenger has.

Plus it was because of him we were ever up there to begin with, of course we shouldve capitalised commercially like manutd etc have, but still, he helped build teams that made me fall in love with football and give me some of the best memories of my life.


1-0 Candreva.


I turn on the telly, hoping for something to watch while I eat my leftover pizza. Go to BT to see if Spurs are on this channel shortly, but find the Milan derby instead.

Thought I’d stick a few quid on Inter and pull my phone out of my pocket, only for Internet to score then and there. Typical.

Edit: and just as I post this Icardi adds a second ffs lol


2-0 Icardi. Inter running riot.
Big chance for Milan to make it 2-1!
Romagnoli! Game on! Another great ball in from the right.
Milan deserve the draw now. Inter have just parked the bus in the second half.
5 minutes added on.
Biabiany is still a pace merchant, nothing more.
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Orsato fucked it up! The game should have ended after 5 minutes of added time, but Milan scored in 97’. Deserved result though.


That Internet’s a decent side

Damn you edited already lol


good that you didn’t then right?


Damn I thought this was tomorrow. Fucking hell


Juventus leading Pescara thanks to Higuain’s brace. Roma are losing at home against Atalanta, instead.
The league is over. Juventus win easily, while Roma draw against Atalanta.



we really need to sign him…bet we will go and get someone like Moussa Dembele from Celtic though (i guess he is not bad but much rather Belotti)


What’s a rooster season?


When he scores his celebration is the rooster.

I think that’s what rooster season means as I wondered the exact same thing lol



Napoli :giroud: :giroud2:


How many open play goals in those 25 ?


2 pens, not sure about FKs etc.


Christ! What a game that was Fiorentina vs. Inter! Inter were leading 2-1 at HT, than Fiorentina scored 4 in just 15 minutes before Icardi added other two goals to his tally.


What a strike from Bonucci! :clap: