Serie A Thread


Wasn’t really being serious, just felt obliged as a goonet to mention his name though even if jokingly


1-1 Silvestre! Sampdoria continue their good run.
Icardi lol! One of the miss of the season!
Oh!!! Sampdoria take the lead thanks to Quagliarella’s penalty.
Bye bye Champions League for Inter. That’s it.


Sampdoria killed the dream of Roma to win the title and of Inter to reach the CL.


Being linked with Jakub Jankto a lot recently by many different media outlets from various countries, very similar to how the Xhaka one started.


Surely if we’re going down this route, Kessie should be the one to go after, not Jankto? If you Google Jankto you’ll find articles linking him to Leicester, Bournemouth, West Ham, Stoke and West Brom. We should not be competing for the same players as those teams. Then again, I don’t watch enough of Serie A - maybe someone will tell me that he’s a superstar in the making?


Knock your head if that’s how you measure a player’s quality.

Same people who complain about us monitoring obscure players will be the first to moan about our scouting system if he comes good at any other club.


It’s not how I measure a player’s quality. But surely if the likes of Chelsea are going after Kessie while we target the same players as teams below us then that’s pretty telling? From what I’ve seen, Kessie is the better player of the two, that’s how I’m primarily measuring it. But as I said, I don’t watch Serie A religiously enough to hold a strong enough viewpoint on it.


Roma-Lazio for the first Coppa Italia semifinal return leg today.


Great start to the game. Dzeko and Immobile both came close to score.
Roma are dictating the game, while Lazio play on counter.
Dzeko having a dig at Bastos for acting like he was shot dead.
1-0 Lazio. Roma are all but out now.
1-1 El Shaarawy. Lazio’s defence fuck it up.
1-1 HT. Fair result.
The game is truly over thanks to Immobile. 2-1 Lazio.
2-2 Salah after El Shaarawy hit the post.
Chance for Salah to win at least the game for Roma.
Roma win it, but Lazio are the first finalist.


Napoli-Juventus now.
Oh oh oh! Higuain scored! Napoli fans on suicide watch!
1-1 Hamsik.
1-2 Higuain.
2-2 Mertens.

Just amazing!
3-2 Insigne! Game on now!
Despite losing, Juventus reach another final.


Higuain puts Juventus up against Chievo.
Dybala-Lichtsteiner-Higuain. 2-0. Beautiful move,
2-0 FT. This Juve can destroy Barca.


Lazio-Napoli now.
1-0 Callejon.
Napoli are always dangerous everytime they attack.
Insigne so fucking close to score the 2-0! Great ball by Callejon.
2-0 Insigne. Napoli are a joy to watch.
What a counter and what a goal! Napoli literally destroyed Lazio today. 3-0.


Jorginho completed 151 passes vs Lazio tonight thats gotta be some kind of record right ?


I guess Allegri won’t be bringing Dybala to Arsenal with him then :rolling_eyes:


They’ve finally sold it then…99.9% share of the club. £313m fee.


Will this be the start of a Milan revival @Gio ?


He was never coming, tbh.


One can only hope. I think Milan could do the world a favour and just buy Chelsea and disband them.


I don’t really trust them. Chinese investors who bought Inter seem to be more reliable.


Surely if nothing else @Gio you must be ecstatic to be rid of Berlusconi?

Kudos to anyone who got the football manager reference there.