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@A.F Whats up with Ghoulam?


Only a 1-0 win for Juventus.


I’m guessing he wrote that because of this:

Ghoulam is fine, and that guy, whoever he is, is full of shit. Doubt you’ll find a better left back on the market.


Thought that was the case, just wasn’t sure if he was being reactionary or if Ghoulam was on a run of bad form.


The algerian is very good on attack but not capable to defend and made many errors which have lead a goal conceded.


Some news from Italy :eyes:

According to reliable media:

  • Goulham is set to leave Napoli because De Laurentiis is tired of him, his request and his agent (son of Luciano Moggi).

  • Mertens is ready to leave Napoli at the end of the season because isn’t happy. Recently his relationship with his long time girlfriend is in crisis.

  • Lorenzo Insigne asked the double wage to sign a new contract. Accoring to TMW (bullshiter 90/100) Arsenal are ready to offer him 5M p/y to convince him to join us.

  • Luciano Spalletti, current AS Roma trainer, wants to leave the team at the end of the season because tired of toxic atmosphere around the club. (Rome is the worst place to work because of extra-pressure from fans and media, despite they won only 14 trophies in 90 years).

  • The chinese group which want to control AC Milan after the 200M paid as deposit, are ready to ask the refund because aren’t capable to complete the agreement. A financial war should start between them and Finivenst (Silvio Berlusconi’s company).


It’s rumored Roma is going to sign Monchi as new director. I’m really curious if he manages to take that club closer to Juventus. Could be a good example for us in a way.


I think the Roma project is a long term one. With Monchi, a new stadium and some better commercial deals they could spend some good money on good players.


Found this poster, that was apparently made during the European Championship in '96. It’s an absolute gem, thought you guys would enjoy it @Gio @SRCJJ @Luca_from_Italy


I love that @will24

Class. Maldini


Paolo Maldini, one of the best defender in the history.


The best. Then Baresi. Then probably beckenbauer, then nesta and cannavaro.


Did you see Donnarumma today? :cech:


bobby moore is up there tbh. otherwise 100% spot on.


Napoli-Juventus going on now.
Khedira puts Juventus ahead. I would have really loved him here.
As Napoli can’t score, Juventus are trying to score in their own net.
Napoli shouldn’t have conceded so early. Now it’s so easy for Juventus to defend and counter them.
Christ! Have Napoli forgotten their goalscoring boots today?
Napoli can’t shot to save their life today.
Napoli can’t shot on target, lol!
Finally! Hamsik!
Allegri being very negative today. Napoli deserve to be ahead now.
Napoli playing tiki-taka.
Napoli have lacked the cutting edge, but fuck me, they have played Juventus off the park.
1-1 FT. Allegri is a very good manager, but sometimes he is just too italian-minded. Just park the bus and go defensive.




I wouldn’t mind an " Italian minded" manger at Arsenal, it would be pretty refreshing watching my side actually capable in defence.


Inter-Sampdoria today. Chance for Nerazzurri to close the gap on Napoli.


Great defender but all I’ve mentioned are better than him at defending, though he’s better than nesta for leadership


1-0 D’Ambrosio. I have never rated him, but he is having a great season.