Serie A Thread


That penalty call at the end was horseshit. Juventus has benefited from some seriously questionable refereeing this season.

Italian football has a credibility problem with its referees to the point where I’m considering jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon.


If it had happened the contrary, there would have never been penalty to Milan, plus Juventus have a huge psychological advantage at home.


Inter 5-0 up against Atalanta after 35 minutes. :open_mouth:

Seems like Icardi is having a top class season.

How come there was no real competition for Banega?


Pioli has done a really good job so far but he’ll be replaced the moment a top class manager (Simeone) becomes available. It’s a shame.


Wow Inter! Battering an in-form team. Pioli has done so well since he joined.


Gabriel Barbosa still couldn’t get on the pitch, I think he’ll still have a good career in Europe but doesn’t look like that will be at Inter.


I feel sorry for Atalanta. They didn’t deserve it.


I wasn’t that impressed with him the few times I saw him for Brazil in the olympics (you all know why I was watching :welbeck:)…didn’t really see that much there tbh. Add to the fact all the risks and issues coming with players that switch from Latin America (ie it’s usually only the really top, top talents that tend to overcome it all), and I wouldn’t really count on him making it, though this of course comes with all the caveats necessary for a judgment on a player based on a couple matches and some articles.


He was incredibly overhyped whilst in Brazil and somehow managed to get a reputation for being a Mane type wide forward (even Maxi in this thread referred to him as a dribbler) when I think he’s more Walcott, he’s actually quite limited on the ball.

Don’t think he’s going to be one of those young players that goes back to Brazil, assuming he’s got no real problems off the pitch, he can make it in Europe at a good club.


How were down 5 nil in the first half hour!?


Yeah, he definitely did seem quite limited on the ball. That makes more sense, the Walcott comparison.

Thing is would Walcott have made it in Europe if he were from Latin America? I kinda doubt it, unless he lucked into a weird scouting decision of the Wijnaldum type.


I would love for Juve, Inter and Napoli to finish in the CL spots. Roma don’t do Italy any justice in Europe whatsoever.


Inter are too far behind. They had to sack De Boer and appoint Pioli before.


6 points with 30 to play for. It’s not unattainable.


They basically have to win every game. Can’t see it,


Inter are not finishing in the top 3. 2-2 FT against Torino.


20 goals now. World class this season.

From a comfortable 3-0 lead to 3-2 :confused: Looks like they might screw up.


How are Crotone at home? Whats the chances of a Fiorentina win?


Just look at the table :wink:


Juventus already up against Sampdoria thanks to Cuadrado.