Serie A Thread


does Dybala look for contact though? i thought Koulibali was standing ontop of his foot?


The Rome derby today :giroud:


Was he? Dunno, I only saw the match highlights this morning and the comments from Napoli, Reina all indignant and them calling it shameful and whatnot, which struck me from watching the highlights as a bit ridiculous.


Roma already dangerous with Dzeko.
Immobile close now. Allison saves.
1-0 Milinkovic-Savic. Great move to come from behind and score.
Lazio leading at HT. But it’s a balanced game.
Roma haven’t exactly come out all gun blazing in this half. Lazio are by far the better team.
Only Lazio on the field. Parolo just inch away from scoring the second.
Offside for Immobile. It would have been game over.
Now Immobile’s goal is legit and Roma collapse.
Fully deserved win for Lazio. Roma are like this: they can be world-beater one day, dogshit the following one.


Great first half in Roma. Napoli leading thanks to Mertens and had a goal wrongly disallowed.
Roma being Roma: bottling. Mertens again.


Napoli doing their best to screw this up. So many dumb decisions…

1-2 now.

wow :joy:


Roma have fucked their season up in just two games.


What a game! :heart_eyes:

Napoli played very good thanks to a fantastic choice made by their manager. Marko Rog dominated the right flank, pressing very well and helping the build up actions, on the left Insigne nutmegged Rudiger since the first minutes, Koulibaly stopped every ball which passed in his zone.

Useless to express the joy to watch Mertens. The belgian winger - now striker - is living an incredible season. Is the answer, like Alexis with us, to the teams with a proper number nine on attack. He has replaced Milik and probably will bench him until the end of the season.

Roma started to play well when Napoli lost the control of the ball and of the pitch. When Sarri has been sent off and his indications were not clear for his players, Napoli lowered the lines and conceded spaces to Salah and Perotti for the counterattacks.

Spalletti lost the face to face with Sarri because of shocking decisions. Salah out, Rudiger (a CB) on the right against one of the best wingers in Europe and because refused to change the tactic during the game when was clear which Hamsik, Joriginho and Rog were demolishing Strootman, Radja and De Rossi.

Strange and great game.


Udinese hold Juventus to their first draw in the league.


Hat-trick for Belotti today.

@SRCJJ Any opinion on him?


new manager signs him up!


We were after belotti and apparently the club said that we bid 65m euros for him but they want more they have a 100m euro release on him apparently. Maybe we will get him if we get allegri and that kid in the other article, even if we lose sanchez which will hurt that will make it more easy to swallow maybe.


I think he’s so good but I want to see how he performs next season as well.

But the future for Italy looks bright. Some serious young talent right now from goalkeeper right through to the forward line.


Problem is that we ALWAYS do this, wait another season and then everyone else is on him like stink on shit…if we have to get a talent we have to get him before the whole world knows the name and shouts world class because by then the last place they want is us and by then the last thing that arenal wanna o is pay the price touted…he already is hot property and fucktonne expensive.


Fucking Juventus. Would have won 130 quid if they’d won that game. That’s twice this season I’ve backed them and they’ve cost me big money


Allegri gonna troll you, then he gonna come here and troll the living fuck outta you again! :campbell:


Allegri studying how to bottle it. He prepares himself for life at Arsenal :wink:


I’m not talking about Arsenal. I’m talking about my own personal evaluation of him.


They’ve rarely dropped points as well.

Same with me regarding United, woulda bagged 130 if Zlatan dispatched that pen as all the following games came in. Such a bitch when that happens.


Juventus-Milan today :giroud2:
Milan’s gameplan so far: just park the bus.
Such an easy goal to concede by Milan. 1-0 Benatia.
Another chance for Juventus. Milan are just refusing to play.
Deulofeu with a disgusting dive.
Sometimes Juventus are just too strong they tend to sleep. 1-1 Bacca.
Juventus are missing both Mandzukic and Cuadrado.
What a chance for Pjaca! Milan’s defence at fault here.
Donnarumma with a bit of a shaky save here. Juventus dominating again.
Donnarumma is the future.
2-1 Dybala. Looked a very soft penalty. Deserved win in the end though.