Serie A Thread


The most disappointing performance of the season. Not sure if I saw anything this bad last season either.

Didn’t even look like a Sarri team out there. :confused:


Average first half from Juventus. Yes, they had some good chances, but Empoli’s keeper barely had to stop them.


True, but that was mostly because Mandzukic kept missing the target. :laughing:

should probably be 2-0 up


Now he couldn’t really miss it :smile:
Alex Sandro like a proper CF! 2-0!
Juve are just a tank. Like a tank, they are slow, but they always manage to go through in the end.


whats allegris brand of football like? is it boring?


Yep, but he always wins so i can’t complain :smile:


No, I don’t think so. Then again, I think he’s more of a Mourinho and Conte type of coach, rather than Tuchel, Sampaoli etc. so I guess you’ll find plenty out there who do think he’s boring.

Recommended reading if you want to find out more about him:


His faces after the game: :santi2: :woj: :bellerin: :facepalm:


It’s no more boring than Wengers, and Allegri nets results consistently.


Mate if he wins stuff with us I couldn’t give a fuck how he plays!


Napoli are a bit like us and Roma: usually play well, but barely win something.


We should bid for Nainggolan this summer. I just love this guy. 1-0 to Roma!





Inter look a bit shaky at the back today. Roma are attacking well.
Dzeko too slow here. Should have shoot immediately.
Nainggolan again!
Icardi pulls one back.
But Perotti kills the game off thanks to a penalty.
So only Roma “keep it up” with Juventus.


Another 2-goal lead thrown away by Fiorentina. I think Paulo Sousa is getting sacked soon.


Juventus-Napoli for the first Coppa Italia semifinal today. It’s the first leg.


Big chance for Dybala. Reina saves. It has been a dull start to the game, as there are many fouls.
Juventus are growing into the game. Another great save by the spanish goalie on Mandzukic this time.
Finally Napoli push forward. Double save by Neto.
Oh! Higuain doesn’t usually bottle these chances.
Callejon! 1-0 Napoli! A bit out of the blue, considering Juventus were dominating until their goal.
1-0 Napoli HT. Their lead is a bit of a fluke, tbf.


Dybala equalizes thanks to a penalty.
Mertens ready to come off the bench. It looks both teams are happy with a draw atm.
Reina :cech: :bellerin: . Higuain like a true fox in the box. 2-1!
Another penalty. Napoli have literally collapsed in the second half. 3-1 Dybala.
Deserved win for Juventus. Even Napoli’s goal was against the run of play.


Interested to hear what people think of the penalties. I can’t remember the Albiol shout but honestly for me the referee was correct in giving both. Yes Dybala looks for the contact and leaves his leg but the fact is Koulibaly is late and inaccurate in the challenge, and Dybala takes advantage of it. The second, Reina absolutely cleans him out, if a defender comes in at that pace and that strongly and gets a touch on the ball before cleaning out the attacker, it’s still going to be a foul, isn’t it?