Serie A Thread


If you don’t know why Gabigol isn’t playing, should be good to shut up.

Gabigol it’s only a Fifa Street player applied to real football. He is not consistent, he is only a dribbler and Pioli wants players strong and cynic to win the games and to qualify for the next Champions League.

The brazilian winger played not many games because when he obtained the chance to play, he has failed. The fans want him only why he is brazilian and his spot after his signs for Inter were trurly incredible.

In fact Pinamonti, an under 21 striker which played last game because Perisic and Icardi were out, used the 20 minutes better than Gabigol in the last six months.


Heard of sarcasm?


Nope, but probably you don’t know or follow the italian football.


He’s played 50 minutes in the league and 70 minutes in the cup, nowhere near enough game time for you to judge him as that (and i’ve seen him play before, he’s definitely not a dribbler). They spent 30m on him, he’s obviously got something.

I’m guessing his issues are off the field as Srcjj alluded to.


He is “the wrong Gabriel” :coq:



Juventus running riot at home again.


Gabigol scores his first goal for Inter against Bologna.


Dybala is just too fucking good.

Him and Verratti at Arsenal plez.



Insigne at Arsenal would be pretty damn good, too.

2-0 now


He refused to sign the new contract and an offer from us could convince him to leave.


Ghoulam too, either one of them and I’d be very happy.

Ghoulam’s contract actually runs until 2018, should be available this summer (unless Napoli are willing to let him leave on a free) and we need a left back…


I’m not his fan. Defensively he needs to improve.


Zielinski :heart_eyes:

I would like to see a midfield composed by Xhaka, Zielinski and Naby Keita.


Zeman back on the bench and Pescara immediately thrash Genoa.


Zeman :heart_eyes:


The master is back.


I love him, Pep and Arsène. My favourite trio after Big Mac, french fries and a medium Diet Coke after an hard day at gym.


Why would anyone finish a hard day at the gym with a Big Mac, French fries a coke lol :eyes:


because the comparison between the calories lost and eaten are balanced. :eyes: fuck the diet! :eyes: