Serie A Thread


Losing to a team with only 9 men. Disgraceful behaviour…


Milan were great even when they were down to 9 men. They deserved to win.


Was stunned when I saw Milan scored the winner with only 9 men.


Milan actually finished this match with just 9 men. 9 men.


Did someone say 9 men?


@Persona :wink:


Napoli-Genua could be tricky today, as Sarri’s side are clearly focused on Real.


Napoli win and are second atm. Real should really not underestimate them.


Crotone 0-0 Roma 20mins gone. Dzeko missed a peno for Roma, was awful.


The fuck was that penalty from Dzeko? Gotta at least be getting a pen on target!


That’s two in a row that he didn’t find the target from the spot. Poor.


Roma’s white kit is beautiful.


Really hit and miss striker for me.


Nainggolan is just a beast. I would kill to have him.


Almost on Vidals level!


Cagliari-Juventus playing each other. Allegri still go with the “magic 4”.
He did again. 1-0 Higuain.
Higuain at it again. 2-0.
2-0 Juventus FT. They are still 7 points above Roma and 9 above Napoli.


Lazio-Milan today.
1-0 Lazio at HT. Biglia.
1-1 FT. Another good mental strength test for Milan.


Just seen that Gabriel Barbosa has played only 50 minutes all season :open_mouth:, wtf happened there.


Maybe his manager is like Wenger with Perez, he does it all scores and assists and then the manager is like ‘you know what i think you are better keeping the bench warm’


Inter were really unsettled at the start of the season and De Boer didn’t give him a chance. His attitude seemed a bit poor and his agent spent a lot of time in the press talking rubbish, which rubbed the hierarchy the wrong way. Now under Pioli he makes the odd matchday squad but he’s not considered ready for the first team yet.