Serie A Thread


Mate we couldn’t even appeal to a costcutters to sign for us


It’s just a commercial thing, as he played in China and Inter’s owner is chinese.


Crazy game in Bologna! Napoli take a quick 2-goal lead in the first 5 minutes, than Bologna had a penalty (missed) and Callejon got sent off. Mertens score the third and Bologna have a player sent off as well. But they don’t give up and score the 3-1 before Mertens adds another before the break.


Looks like I may have made a mistake, when I decided not to bother with the first half…

Oh well, seems like things haven’t calmed down yet anyway. Napoli should have made it 5-1 just now.

Also, Milik finally back on the bench. :slight_smile:


Napoli signed Zielinski & Diawara for a combined £23m, Premier League clubs should be ashamed of themselves.


5-1 Hamsik. If i were Real, i would be very worried by Napoli.


All the goals here:

Hamsik 1-0
2-0, Insigne
3-0, Mertens
Torosidis 3-1
Mertens, 4-1
[Hamsik 5-1
Mertens 7-1



Hamsik :giroud2:


Enjoyable attacking display from Napoli.

Hamsik’s hattrick is a thing of beauty


Napoli are just a joy to watch. 7-1 FT! Mertens and Hamsik with 3 goals each other :smiley:


Napoli play the best football in Europe. Ok, Barça are Barça, but Sarri and his players are impressive. A joy to watch. My dad is on fire…


I really hope that Napoli cause Real Madrid real problems.


and so is Voiello



Are you watching The Young Pope?


Yeah, heard the show was well received in Italy.


What a shit season for anyone with good taste



My word. Dybala has almost scored two absolute golazos.


My Macbook almost hit the floor after this.