Serge Gnabry


Close. They’re not English. Gnabry will soon be added to the list.


Cesc and Bellerin adhere to the HomeGrown quota. They British af.


Ummm Wilshere, GIbbs and Chamberlain aren’t English?


Think he meant only the good ones arent




I honestly haven’t a clue about what you’re getting at. There’s such a thing as being too cryptic, though given your pun history I think you already know that.


British maybe, but enjoined the bulk of their football education in Spain :wink:. Maybe English academies should outsource. Money ain’t no problem anyway.


Toungue in cheek comment. They learned their trade at possibly the best academy in the world.


I’m getting at the fact that the two promising young players from our academy that have succeeded haven’t been British, and all the disappointments have been British. Thought it was pretty straightforward.


It would have been had you said British instead of English.


Oops. :giroud:


For a second there I thought you considered Ramsey a success story and I knew something was just straight up wrong.


The non Brits who’ve succeeded were also cherry picked from La Masseria. Also I don’t think Bellerin has outperformed Wilshere and Ramsey’s best seasons. It doesn’t mean Gnabry is going to be a top player because he’s not British though. Also Iwobi won’t be playing for England but has been in our academy since he was 7.

I’m disapointed Gnabry’s gone but I’m not sure the club could have done much more than they have done, other than offering him an undeserved bumper deal. But maybe we should have done, especially if Bayern have ear marked him. Whether he succeeds or not though we won’t be shelling out 100m in 2 years to bring him back and then realising we needed a completely different type of player anyway :wink:

In all seriousness if the rumours are true and Bayern have a deal sewn up for him next summer, it’s most likely he goes there and doesn’t get game time. Then gets shifted to a lower German club after 2 years when he’s 24. If that happens then he’'ll have a worse career than if he stayed here and got chances under Wenger and the generous contracts we offer


Yeah true, Iwobi does rather fuck up my point there. :wink: It would be somewhat disingenuous to not group him in with the british lads, given he’s grown up in the very same culture, although the Nigerian influence and not identifying as an englishmen might’ve helped him.

I guess the point would be, though, that Bellerín, Fábregas, Iwobi, and Gnabry are all clearly not very british–in the bad way–as Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, Ox, and even Chambers are, or Bentley and Pennant before them.

It’s always better to offer young, exciting players an “undeserved” bumper deal than not. We’re talking about peanuts compared to the market in its other spheres…look at Rashford, they’re talking about him becoming the highest paid teenager ever at 50k a week…that’s still just a 1/4 of what you end up paying to get a top player on the open market, disregarding transfer fees, and considering getting a top player on the open market is complicated enough as it is, it’s always best to hold on to players who can become top players from inside.

It does look difficult for him to get into the Bayern team next season, with Coman, Douglas Costa, Robben, Ribery even still?, and I guess you could say Müller? ahead of him. But young players who have such a strong sense of the right thing to do in the final third, along with the natural abilities he has, are hard to come by. I wouldn’t bet against him.




Well the academy was only re-opened under Wenger circa '99 I think. So you have to expect us not to be bringing many through until 5-10 years after that.

As an academy we have several problems. Firstly the population of young talent in London is shared between us and several other clubs. Compare that to Barcelona who have millions of young kids to pick from or even Southampton who have free reign over most of the south coast kids. Because of that we need to further are net by bringing in EU kids (which won’t be aloud if we lose free movement) and sign post 16yo Brit kids, who again all the top clubs in England are after. Manchester United to has quite a wide net to pick up players.

Iwobi and Wilshere are highly technical ‘thinking’ players who’ve come through our academy from an early age. Bellerin certainly isn’t technically better than either, his talent is primarily his pace and stamina.

Gnabry was on 20k and was almost certainly offered more money to extend. He’s probably had contract offers from us over the last year and has deliberately run his contract down. He showed up out of shape last year at West Brom and didn’t excel enough in training to get picked for them. Personally I question his attitude when as a 20yo with the best opportunity in the world he shows up fat and then is disloyal to a top club in Arsenal.

Bar the scorcher of a goal this weekend he’s only shown good decision at under 23 and according to those who watched it e wasn’t the best young Germans. To put that in perspective, the under 23s is the same level that Sanogo was top scorer at the European Championships, ie it’s worth a punt but a huge gap with the pro game. Right now we’re getting ahead of ourselves rating him ahead over the likes of Ramsey.

Ultimately he may have simply wanted first team football, something we never could of given him. And if he wanted Bayern, well he’s pushed to get out either way.


Ulike wilshere or ramsey bellerin has actually played a full season in his career !


Don’t fucking jinx it. God damn you.


I’d like to play but I can’t be arsed to read through the entire thread and see who’s already been chosen.

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