Sead Kolašinac (signed, sealed, delivered)








Pay Sanchez and Ozil what they want and scoop up a load of young but semi-established talent whose contracts are up this summer :+1: Oh and lose the manager



He reminds me to a type of player like Brana Ivanovic. In my opinion he could play not only on the left but even as CB into a trio on defense.


First bosnian player to join Arsenal? :eyes:


Super bid…eh? He is free does it mean we have blown other clubs out of the water for wages? If so wonder how much we are gonna pay him, i reckon 80k a week or something like that.


From the looks of it we can pay Ozil whatever we want since noone else is in for him.



is this bloke any good though? know nothing about him but some Youtube stuff and tbh he doesnt look anything amazing, good and solid at best!



Seems to be the longest thread on the net on Kolasinac


Apparently he started playing DM/CB and has played as an RB.


wonder where we will play him


This season has played only three games not in his role (two games as CB into a trio on defense - on as CB on the left and one as CB on the right) and four minutes on midfield against Bayern.


Good looking man.


From what i have watched on Youtube, he looks rock solid defensively. He could be very versatile for us.


The important information. :ok_hand:

Place of birth Karlsruhe, Germany

Another German in the squad. :hipster:


Have not seen enough of him play to make a judgement, but even if he’s quality it wont matter if Wenger remains, we will still be shipping 45+ goals next season.


Who was the last bosman player we signed?


The Flamster ?