Sead Kolašinac (31)


A gif for him? :laca:


What the fuck did they feed him when growing up?


Wingers and strikers…wingers and strikers :sanchez2:





Absolute tank


Beast physique and great technically and he was a free transfer :sunglasses:


With a side of test prop and tren lol


Can’t wait 'til he is gonna shit all over Hazard :giroud3:


With his physique most wingers in the league won’t trouble him. And he’s very good going forward. Top signing



WHAT A FIRST GOAL FOR US! A great debut overall. He looks very assured.


Tell you what, he is a no shit defender, i think he will scare a few and put a few attackers in their place. Shame Costa isnt around still it would be funny to see them 2 go at it and i think i know who the winner would be.


Kolasinac would kick the shit out of Costa. Costa would become a cry baby with him.


Yep - their first aggressive shoulder barge into eachother would be a thing to watch.

Really like this lad - strong physically and strong mentality - a dream team-mate.


Love him already, Absolute beast and has the right mentality



He is like a modern day Oleg Luhzny :sweat_smile:


Brilliant free transfer. Gonna be a fan favourite