Scum thread


Panic buy.



Literally the entire football fandom of England could have told him that hahahahaha


I remember some on here were clamouring for Sissoko signature without realising he’s a distinctly average player. Dire for Newcastle and worse for Spurs. Didn’t even have a good Euros he just literally ran with the ball and given how slow and ponderous France looked, it made him look good as he was one of the only players willing to drive at the defence.


I wanted Sissoko because he is jack of all trades and great squad option to have.
You can shove him anywhere. Right back, attacking mids, wings etc. and he would give his all.
Surely not as first choice.

Had Arsenal gone entire summer barren and bought Sissoko, I would be raging too.


Not even Newcastle fans rated him :joy: No idea why they bought him for so much money.


Lol! How to waste money!


Had a gervinho esqe aura about him. He had moments where you thought ‘fucking hell’, and if that talent could be nurtured he would be one hell of a player.

But you know, polishing a turd etc.


He was good for France at Euro 2016, but yeah, just some moments of brilliance.


Sissoko reminds me of Adebayor ,when motivated, an awesome sight !
Problem is the only motivator for Adebay was money !
Prior to contract nego’s with Arsenal Adebayor was on fire ,as soon as he got a pay rise his interest dropped and he conveniently got injured with a non specificniggles which cleared up as soon as the Champions league came around whereupon he came to life again .
The he agitated to go to City for a massive rise (230 a week )but as soon as City paid more in wages to Yaya Toure, Ade switched off again !
Sissoko was ace during the euro’s but since then the usual attitude sees him sitting on his arse !


It seems as if it might not be Pochettino who is getting to choose who they buy.

Levy is a control freak, and it could be him who decides who they spend their money on.

Levy should realise that Pochettino is a very good manager, and the more he interferes with his managerial decisions, the more chance he will leave spurs, which will be great for anyone who doesn’t support them.


Nice quote. :smirk:


That’s what was supposed to be different about this summer, Levy was said to have finally allowed his manager to make his own decisions in the market, and it was a disaster.

Don’t mind the Janssen signing, if he makes it at Tottenham or not it’s always worth taking chances on young striker talent but Sissoko & Nkoudou were very underwhelming.


You’d think that they had learned from wasting the money from selling monkey boy, but no.


Nothing new. Spuds proved that much when they spunked a bundle on a load of shite after the Bale sale.


I wonder how they will balance paying for the stadium + buying players and keeping up with the crowd?

Not sure what their financials are like but it does make you ponder the thought of Spurs affording players like Sissoko in the future.


Poor’s men United.


Harsh,but fair


They never ‘kept up with the crowd’. They’re vultures; benefiting from other clubs failure.


Sissoko is like Pogba for what they spent for him. They tend to waste money overall.


I don’t think Spurs wasted Bale money.
Most of their transfers of that summer have come good albeit a bit late.
Erikson, Lamela, Dembele have all come good.

PS - I don’t recall what other players they bought that season. Paulinho?