Scum thread




Omg :joy:


I’ve seen this , makes me laugh .
They used to have the above done on their forearms which is great when your 20 but embarrassing when your 40 and the bird has a droopy belly that matches its owner !


soooooooooooooooooooooooo they got a cock and balls tattooed on their legs :bellerin: :facepalm:

NEVER A GOOD LOOK, but i suppose that it is good in a spuddies eyes!


Oh look, there’s four cocks.

Saying that, they’re more like sheep, the way they have all copied each other.


Probably got those chickens tattooed on their knobs so they can hold each others.


What, even Mr. Right Leg? I bet he feels smug and cutting edge.


Green eggs and cunt.


Surely Spurs are regretting spending 30M on him? WTF were they thinking? :joy:


I suppose the same can be said for Granit with the way Arsene Wenger is using him :joy:


still find it weird that Spurs didn’t make full use of CL factor this summer.

Is this the Stadium effect?


First loss in the PL this season, now how do they react? Swansea at home next week, bit dodgy that one with Swansea fighting at the moment. They could start wobbling after recent results!


Hopefully they win as all Arsenal seem to care about is finishing above Tottenham, so if Tottenham start to drop loads of points expect our performances to really decline also. We are likely to do just enough to finish above spurs, they so the better they go pushes us more.


The CL factor is overrated.


Yeah I think United adding Zlatan/ Pogba and Chelsea keeping everyone + adding Luiz and Kante proves that.


We’re probably the club the CL factor matters to the most. United and Chelsea can be out of it but theyll pay 200k+ a week or world record transfer fees so it matters less. Spurs can be in the CL but they’re still spurs. It probably means something to us though and I doubt either Ozil or Sanchez would have signed in the seasons they did if we hadnt been in it.


Exactly CL factor is a non-factor if you can pay up but only few clubs can do that.

Liverpool unable to sign any quality proven players over the years proves that.


Not only the money, but the stature of the club matters too. Even without CL United/Chelsea are big (and recently succesful) clubs. Those clubs appeal to people’s imagination. Not like Spurs. They are nothing outside of England/UK. A stepping stone at the best.


The second half of that sentence is redundant.


I just love the way the spuds fall over themselves to make us look good.lmao.