Scum thread


The problem we had at the time player prices wasn’t so inflated 30-40mil was amazing; now just about any shitty player (Ox) goes for that.


It’s amazing that we left Highbury and used to have to scrimp and save and lose our best players, as well as treating fourth place as some sort of trophy because we had a new stadium to pay for.

Then after all those seasons of austerity we have 200m in the bank and have nearly paid for the stadium, and we are still scrimping and saving and losing our best players, and treating fourth place as some sort of trophy.

I wonder if spurs will do the same.


That would depend entirely on how he performed. Any big team would treat him like a cult hero if he was banging in the goals like he is now.


The scum will start to suffer eventually. They “put the pressure on” last season so they are encouraged atm, however Rose tried to jump ship and Walker actually did, even after a good season by their standards. Unless they win the league or come close and win an FA Cup, or do really well in the CL, they will lose more players.



Guardiola tapping up Kane already


Aw the manager of the Harry Kane Team is upset. Diddums.


In fairness Son Heung Min stepped in for a while and did a more than decent job upfront with Kane absent


Pretty sure he basically did.


Fucking hell Marca :neutral_face:


I’m sure there are plenty of rival fans that dislike them for that specific reason, especially Chelsea fans


Nah there are a million and one reasons why rival fans hate Spurs:

To name but a few:

  • they constantly have ideas above their station. The arrogance amongst their fans is astounding. If you’re going to be cocky you need to back it up with a trophy.
  • they make DVDs for absolutely anything – including that 4-4 game at the Emirates!
  • they sing songs with the “y” word in themselves but get insulted if opposition fans do the same
  • they make themselves a laughing stock by saying things like “we put the pressure on”
  • they have a silly crest
  • their fans are really annoying, which has gone threefold this season with them all feeling the need to “check in” to Wembley every week. Yeah it’s a league match v Burnley mate, not a cup final.


West Ham more, tbh.


Luca, don’t post videos of anti-semetic chanting ffs.


Didn’t mean to celebrate it.


See absolutely nothing wrong with that headline honestly. It’s a factually correct statement regarding their history (which the caption goes out of the way to point out: “históricamente” and “en sus 135 años de vida”). Maybe there is something bad in the content of the article itself (though if it is, it’s clearly not what that twitter account is getting offended by), but I can see nothing wrong with that title and caption. If anything it’s going out of it’s way to (over-)praise Tottenham.

edit: the rectification from Marca–

Basically this.


Fair enough, I’ll definitely go with you on the context. Do you know think that it’s bad taste to draw attention to this aspect of their history though? I haven’t had the chance to read the full article, and due to my bad translation skills I probably interpreted ‘odiado’ as somethong stronger than implied.

I don’t think any normal fan hates spurs for having historical links to the Jewish community. Sure their are some racists that chant disgusting things about them in that manner but I’m not sure that it’s large enough to bring up in an article personally.


Can someone explain what an “odiado” is please? Given that we seem to be talking about a case of mistranslation or it being used in the wrong context I’d rather hear from someone who speaks the language rather than Google translate.

@will24 @AbouCuellar

Edit: from what’s been said by Abou (and even what the tweet alleges) I can’t see they’ve done anything wrong there. I can’t believe they’re saying that not liking Spurs because they have a Jewish following is legitimate, they seem to just be saying that that’s a reason why some people don’t like them. Theres nothing horrible about them making that assertion.


They’re a fucking sick team end of. We could be stuck behind them for years.


Why were Jews so universally hated?