Scum thread


If they dont win the league in the next year or 2 he will be gone. There is no way he is going to hang about hoping they might win it

Thats if he has any ambition of course!


Well he hasn’t had any other offers yet has he?


Wenger’s saving up for him :wink:



If he made it clear a move is desirable, they’d have to fight off potential suitors.


If united had wanted him they wouldn’t have been hanging around waiting for an invitation. No one trying to buy him is far more relevant than him not issuing some sort of come get me plea.


Or they’ve been told it would be pointless making an offer because he wasn’t interested in leaving.


What about a DVD?


The fact that Kane has just had a pay rise from 60k to 100k and could earn about three times that amount at any top club would indicate sours don’t think that much of him.

If they don’t think that one of the best strikers in Europe deserves higher wages than players like Walcott, Ramsey and Wilshere then, if I was Kane, I would be looking elsewhere.


I don’t think it indicates that they don’t think much if him, it probably is more indicative of their finances/wage structure and the fact that he is happy and they simply don’t have to break the bank to desperately cling on to him. He’s probably happy with a 66% pay increase and it allows them to incentivise him with a further wage bump of 30-60k in a year or twos time.

The idea that Spurs don’t think much of Harry Kane doesnt really ring true to me, how could they not?! If he hangs about he could basically be up there as one of, If not the, best player they’ve ever had.


They can’t just go handing out 250K - 300K it would obliterate any semblance of a wage structure, sure they are lucky that Kane took that amount but it doesn’t mean they don’t think much of him.

No matter what they do they won’t be able to keep him regardless, I’m sure Kane’s thinking is he’s young and still has plenty of time to earn the mega bucks.


I’m sure Kane knows full well that he can earn hundreds of thousands and pull in titles here or abroad. Given that in today’s football climate, 90% of the moves are purely calculated in what a player and their entourage can earn during that transition.

An example closer to home would be Koscielny for example; has clearly been our best defender for years now, had minor success with the club, a model professional, scouted/linked with the elites. He’s comfortable in London and enjoys his life to an extent that big money/success elsewhere are brushed aside because of that.

I think it’s perfectly acceptable that there is some modesty amongst this massive money spin of a business.


But if you can’t break, what is essentially not a very high wage structure, then you will lose your best players.
I remember when we signed Campbell from spurs, he was one of their lowest paid players because he hadn’t renewed his contract, and not only did he go go from earning 30k to about 100k a week, he also got a massive signing on fee because he let his contract run down.

I’m sure they think a lot of him as a player but to play a world class player the sort of wages a squad player at other clubs earns is either disrespectful or taking advantage of him.

His goal scoring record, in recent seasons is up there with Aguero, Costa and almost every striker of all the other top clubs in Europe, apart from Messi and Ronaldo, yet his wages aren’t reflected to his ability.


That is a ridiculous statement lol


Why? Levy is a well-known penny-pincher.


Agreed. You could say the same about every one of their players, given their wages.

I think it says more about the players, that they’re willing to accept low wages because they believe in the project.


It went upto 100k after he foolishly signed on until 2022.


At a time when footballers whore themselves out to the biggest bidder, I find Kane’s attitude to be refreshing.


His salary doesn’t mean much anyway. He’s tied down for years, so he’s not going to be able to fight his way out with a year left because of money and if he wants more he’ll get it. It’s a symbiotic relationship with a cult hero like that, they won’t just say “HAHA look how cheap we’ve got you for and it’s all the way until 2022”. It’s not like Arsenal where signing to 2022 means we start talking about keeping you in 2021. I would bet if he continues to perform as he is doing and his plan is to stay there he’ll be signing another new deal some time in 2018/2019 for another pay rise.

And whatever people may say, there aren’t going to be a queue of clubs lining up to give him £300k a week. Madrid, PSG or City are the only potential candidates for a big money move for a number 9 in the next few years and all have the capacity to buy whoever the other big performers at the time are.

One thing’s for sure though, no other club would give him the adoration he has now. Maybe in a couple of years the fuzzy feeling that gives him might wear off but while he still has it it’s a big incentive to stay. Wembley might be a bit of a short term stumbling block but Spurs to me still feel like a club on the up and worth being at (until their coach is nabbed).


I think Spurs are definitely setting themselves up well for the future and even if Poch eventually gets nabbed, I feel they will be able to land someone like Allegri once the transition to the new stadium comes about. Having some sort of CL pedigree (even through appearances, still very much virgins in that comp) goes a long way + the pull of the PL/wages, location.

And sadly, we live in a time now where they could potentially sell both Alli and Kane, sink that into the stadium debt and come out of it in decent shape. When we moved to the Emirates, selling a relatively big player for £25 was considered jizz-in-your-pants-worthy for Arsenal and our finance. Spending, I assume, £400-£500M on a new stadium and potentially selling a couple of prized players for at least quarter of that is astonishing really.

We seriously need a to freshen up FFS haha.