Scum thread


Neither are going anywhere.


So what? They’ll never be able to attract a talent of Kane’s caliber and they won’t produce one in another 50 years. A manager is only as good as his players are.


I would say Pochettino is the main reason why spurs have overtaken us, not Kane.
I’m not suggesting Kane isn’t one of the best strikers in Europe but Pochettino had Kane missing for several games last season and the one before and they still scored goals and last season still managed to finish above us.

Pochettino is the key to their success.


You must think spurs are gonna win a lot of trophys over the next few years, they won’t and kane and potch will be at bigger clubs sooner or later


Kane won’t go next summer, but another couple of trophy-less seasons may give him something to think about – especially if he continues to perform at a high level and outgrows them. Spurs will continue to insist he isn’t for sale of course, but they said the same thing about Modric and Bale. If Real Madrid or another top team comes in for him with a humongous offer and Kane is like, “Yeah, you know what, I’ve done all I can here, it’s time for me to win something,” Levy would at the very least have to consider it.

Spurs need to break their salary cap too. If they continue to win nothing, the “project” alone will not be enough to stop Alli, Erikisen et al having their heads turned by clubs who’ll triple their wages.


I think this is what will stop spurs keeping their best players.
Kane is earning less than Walcott and he, or his agent, are going to start to look elsewhere.
The same goes for Eriksen and Alli as well and possibly Pochettino.
If he gets spurs to a top three or higher position then the big clubs in Europe are going to go after him.


Is Harry Kane seriously on less than Theo Walcott ? It’s truely sickening if that’s the case.


Here’s hoping :pray: Madrid come knocking sooner rather later, he’s too good for Tottenham.


Yep I think Kane’s only 60k before bonuses and what not it’s a joke, Yannick Carrasco’s on around 40k aswell last I heard, makes the 110k we’re payinf Theo look disgraceful.


177 mil!? FFS! Football has truly gone mad.

Hope they get him though :mustafi:


I would say it’s Wenger. :slight_smile:


Kane gets less money because he chooses to. He could easily quadruple his wages if he wanted.


And you don’t think at some point soon he might decide he wants to do exactly that? Why wouldn’t he?


Pretty sure Kane is Spurs’ highest earner on £100,000. He signed a new contract last year.

Alli and Eriksen are on half that though and they’re the ones Spurs need to watch out for, they don’t have ties to Spurs like Kane does.


A Tottenham team without Kane would be severely hindered, even with Poch in charge.



Why strange?


Because choosing to get less money just doesn’t seem right to me, I agree he could get a better deal if he wanted though.


Right, so he’s choosing the ‘Tottenham Project’ which is paying less.


I was thinking more along the lines of if push comes to shove but yeah you’re right I guess he is, don’t mind me I’m having one of those days :see_no_evil: