Scum thread


^ Yeah, like a boil on my knob.


Official attendance tonight was 23,926. Apparently it’s a record :grimacing:


“It was his god given right to be truly white” :thinking:

Kick It Out need to be all over this.


Fucking hilarious.



Hey, I didn’t write the lyrics :confused: Maybe that sort of thing is acceptable over there


The discussion earlier has clearly touched a nerve if you’re still banging on about it.

Don’t mind me though, continue.


Where has all White Hart Lane crowd gone ?


The lyric was “true Lilywhite”

Unless that was another layer to your joke. It’s early


Couldn’t even watch 10 seconds of this shit !!


Might not make it past 5 seconds of this one then :eyes:


About to 2 secs and immediately thought fck no !! Gotta block this thread :wink:


My favourite is still when they did their own version of One Love by Blue a few years ago. “One Club”. They deleted the original after they were laughed at all the way to the moon, but there are still a couple of versions of it floating around for anyone who hasn’t seen it or has somehow forgotten about it :see_no_evil:


just muted it myself, dunno what’s worse here or the United thread.


Michael Voller was punched in the face after the FA Cup semi-final clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea at Wembley Stadium on April 22.

The 23-year-old suffered a broken cheekbone, jaw, eye socket and skull.

It is thought the attack was carried out by a fellow Spurs supporter who may have mistaken the victim for a Chelsea fan.



Glenda reckons Kane will end up being Tott-numb’s greatest ever striker.

High praise when you consider they had Greavsie.






I would rather they take Pochettino than Kane.
If they sell Kane for that amount it will pay off about half their new stadium in one go, while we’re still paying off ours.