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Spuds would give their right arm for a FA Cup final


Love it cause when Poch talks shit it usually backfires on him.


So finishing trophyless again is better than winning the F.A. Cup for Pochettino?


The pure arrogance of a club who have only won 2 league cups in 25 years to say they are too big for domestic trophies!

A couple of high PL finishes does not a big team make. They haven’t proven themselves enough to dismiss the cups as small fry. And let’s be honest here, they aren’t winning the PL or CL this season so are effectively opting for a trophy-less season… again.


A team like spurs should absolutely be targeting domestic trophies. I don’t quite understand why they would dismiss them when they haven’t a hope of winning the bigger prizes.

That said it’s pretty much the same attitude Wenger adopted towards the domestic cups for the best part of a decade. Albeit he probably never verbalised it.


Apparently his quotes are being taken out of context, which wouldn’t surprise me. What he really was saying was that he will sacrifice the league and fa cup if it means preserving their chance at the league.


I don’t understand demeaning any trophies.
Its not like that there are 10 to play for
You have just 4 trophies to play for.
I rather win League cup than go trophyless.

Just look at the pleasant feeling we have had on winning FA cups despite how rest of campaign panned out.


It sounds like the same thing to me. At what point can you realistically say that progression in the league or FA Cup is having a detrimental effect on challenging for the Premier League? One starts in September and the other in January.

It’s not a realistic thing to set out as if it’s a straight choice imo. If all he was doing was saying he’d prefer to win the Premier League that’s fair enough and no more than any of us think.


A lot of people are saying this, but he still actually said the following words. He really should be winning any kind of trophy before having such a lax attitude. Baby steps and all that.



Blackburn won the league, where are they?


This debate’s been had numerous times on this forum and you get people from different backgrounds coming down on either side of it.

The fact of it is, all the biggest clubs in this league have the resources to have big enough squads to try and win the two domestic cup competitions. People with half a brain can accept prioritisation and squad rotation, doesn’t mean you’re not out to win it.


It’s the same. Spurs have a small chance to win the league so they need to focus on winning some cups. If they didn’t do it their best players would ask to leave.


Winning the Cup doesn’t do anything for a top six club though in an environment where it’s all about the money. Same goes for clubs who fight for relegation. The Premier League money they get by staying in does a lot more for them than winning a Cup. Albeit their chances of actually winning are a lot smaller. The prestige of winning (should) only really matter for mid-table teams like West Brom and Stoke in my opinion, but often enough a mix of B-players with 4-5 starters is good enough for top six teams to beat them.


Cups are secondary in this modern age of money and sacking. I can think of a few coaches sacked the same season as winning a domestic cup but can’t think of any sacked after a PL or CL win.

If Poch wins 2 FA cups and finishes a clear 6th every time he’s sacked, simple as. If he wins 2 PLs and goes out in the first round of every cup he’s called the greatest manager on the planet.

His words are obviously out of context but the underlying theme is there and this kind of shit comes from clubs and not players or coaches, it’s just the loser mentality can trickle down to players and coaches too. If his mandate was win the Qarabag Cup then he’d try but it clearly isn’t.

Whatever way you dress it up the strongest XI goes out for every league and CL game for every club. As soon as you decide it’s okay to play Iwobi instead of Ozil or your second keeper instead of your first just to give him a game then you’re admitting this game is less important to you.


This is incredible :rofl:






What the fuck wow tasteless club


Made me quite emotional watching that, going to miss White Hart Lane. :cry: