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Vincent Janssen loaned to Fenerbahce for the remainder of the season


I don’t disagree, I’m just not sure that equates to ambition.

@Trion because it would be funny if it fucked up.


So basically they’re getting a life-size one of these?

Bastards- I always wanted one when I was a kid, which makes Spurs at least as ambitious as I was when I was about 12, which in fairness is still probably more than Arsenal now.

I too hope it breaks, and no spud shall ever get to play a single game of air-hockey. Take that you lillywhite fucks.


Similar to our play


That pitch looks cool. I’m guessing it has general versatility so that the football pitch is never damaged by non football shite but the way they’re selling it is like the good point is you can have a plastic NFL pitch whenever you fancy a game.


We should be sponsored by Asda.

We could have the “Why Pay More?” stadium.


It is ambitious, and I think, very smart. It means they can hold far more events at the stadium without fear of ruining the pitch.

That’s going to be financially lucrative.


How much of the NFL’s push to get into Europe is behind this? PL/NFL shared stadium at some point in the future maybe?




All depends on the context in which we are using the word ambitious.

If we’re using it in a purely financial sense then yeah, it’s ambitious, in the same way club level was when we changed stadium.


or the Real estate devlopments


All of the above, no doubt.


Thanks Shammy. I note that Grauniad piece is from two years ago. That’s why I’m not rich.:campbell:




He doesn’t need to worry about speech therapy.

With his scintillating wit, fascinating personality and film star good looks, he’ll be just fine.


So us, United, Chelsea, Liverpool and City all got relegated, right? He is really a small-time manager.


Sounds like another Maureen in the making.


Tottenham have already dropped 3 more points at home this season than they did at the Lane in 19 league games last season.


Police suspect Arsene