Scum thread


Ah, that famous well-knit English core at Tottenham, happy with their lot and on their way to an inevitable title under Mopo.

All this crap unravels if you don’t pay these primadonnas what they think they’re worth.


Live from Hotspur Way: Danny Rose’s new contract


Welcome to Newcastle, Danny!


He seems determined to play up North, is winter coming?


Danny Rose when he sees his inferior teammates at training today


I hope they lose their entire team by the end of next summer.

Ali and Kane are basically irreplaceable. They’ll struggle to find a solid replacement for Toby whose stalling a contract.

I want them playing in a half full new stadium with an 11 to rival their early 2000s teams. Misery, despair and hopelessness please.




Lol! :wenger:


Be some laugh if this ever fucks up and a PL game gets cancelled. :slight_smile:


You know what angers me about Arsenal. We speak about the early 2000s Spurs teams and you’re quite right- they were truly awful. However, they still managed to raise their game against us and it still remains that we didnt ever do the double over them in that time.

I know they’ve never done the double over us when they arguably have a better side than us now, but we never seem fired up against them.


Hate to admit this…but the scum as an organization are kicking our asses on and off the pitch. They seem like they have some people there that are actually competent at their job.


I agree with what you’re saying for the most part but I’m pretty sure we did the double on them in the 04/05 season… 4-5 at the Lane & 1-0 at Highbury.


Yeah they’re doing great work but lets not pretend that them kicking our arses is entirely of their own making. Our club has dealt all this damage to itself. It isn’t just Spurs that are flying far ahead of us as a result. Had we shown any sort of competency in recent times, the picture would look very different. As it happens we’re run and managed by garbage.


Who gives a shit about them - when they win the league at ours then i’ll give a damn !! Until then this thread don’t mean jack !!


Thanks god they are at Wembley this season, otherwise we would never stand a chance to do well against them :wenger:


I’m loving the ambition of that pitch design.


It’s grass on wheels.


Yup, and it’s cool.


Pretty cool, should help them keep the pressure on anyway.

There are also rumours that the new stadium will be called the “FedEx stadium” which would be ironic seeing as they constantly fail to deliver.



But why that eyes smiley though?