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It’s about 6%. Wembley is 7,140 square metres. WHL was 6,700 square metres.


Fair enough I worked it out off 10m/sq, it didn’t look right

Anyway they’ve been doing well enough on our pitch recently despite our home advantage. I think the bigger issue is the change in atmosphere that almost cripple the home advantage. We know all about the change from Highbury to The Emirates. I reckon when certain things change at a club it embolds rivals to have a go. Fergie left United everyone fancied a go. We moved to The Emirates, it was quiet, everyone had more of a go at us.


They are a team who press a lot. You can do it better on a smaller pitch.


Does that stack up though? How does the nou camp (peps Barca) or westfalenstadion (klopps Dortmund) compare to whl?


That’s a very, very relative statement.
They are also a team that likes to have control over the ball, which following the same logic, you can do better on a bigger pitch. When you compare how often they’d have to press vs how often they’d have to lead the game with possession (assuming that most teams that will visit them at Wembley will have less possession than them), a bigger pitch should actually, theoretically, benefit them.

Also, WHL is really not that smaller than Wembley compared to other grounds.

Here’s a visualisation - Wembley, WHL, Emirates

They are most certainly going to be affected by the switch of stadiums (quite possibly negatively) but it’s mostly down to psychological reasons that come with change in general.


It’s been a long time since GCSE maths :grimacing:


Anyone thats not lazy ^ i wanna know.


It’s going to be called “We put the pressure on”


I’d rather put the kettle on, thanks.


Christ! They are obsessed with a stuff like this :xhaka: :hipster:


Pretty sure Arsenal release a review DVD every year? :hipster:


I would have though all teams do


Nope, we don’t do one every year - certainly not an official one anyway.


We used to.

The last one we did was 2013/14 and it was shit. Awful camera work and terrible Arsenal TV commentary.


Arsenal match commentary is so uninspiring.


IVe got 3 or 4 from the early 90s tucked away somewhere


God I hate how they use fancy quick camerashots, close up, behind or whatever strange angle to show goals. Just show the normal broadcast view ffs. And indeed the commentary is poor and too biased. I never check highlights on Arsenal TV, I always look for BT, Sky or BBC highlights.


Rose revealed he hopes Spurs make a couple of signings – “not players you have to Google and say, ‘Who’s that?’ I mean well-known players”



I wonder how many people had to Google Danny Rose when he signed from Leeds :thinking:


Sounds bitter - still not exactly news is it ffs