Scum thread


That’s the best thing any Chelsea manager has said ever so far as I can recall. :smile:


Interesting article about their lack of activity in the market


Goes to show life is all a matter of perception.

The stuff people are celebrating tottenham for doing is no different to what Wenger was abused for.


Except wenger has also won a lot more that Poch with his transfer policy


So when we didnt spend, had a stadium to pay for, and still made top 4; we still got ridiculed.

No way we are letting Sp*rs get away with it. Hope that stadium debt crushes them


Hmm. When we were adopting a similar policy of not spending much at all we didn’t win anything for nine years. Once we started spending is when we bagged 3 FA Cups.


You’ve clearly forgotten our Champion’s League silver medal :giroud3:


The squads we won stuff with were definately assambled by picking up young and/or unestablished talent or 1 or 2 players funded by selling off star players and giving them a chance of to shine, Is that not the same to spurs current transfer policy?

I wouldn’t compare their current transfer policy (or at least up until this window when their stadium
Move seems to be affecting them) to ours during the youth project, we never spent £35m (or the equvilant at the time) on players like sisoko for example


Are they gonna buy someone? They are more penny-pinchers than us :hipster:


They sold Walker for 50m, so I assume they will replace him but I doubt they will be making any massive signings, maybe some squad strengthening.
To be fair, Pochettino is arguably the best manager in the PL, and they have some great players, so they don’t as much as us to challenge for a top four place.


Many people are expecting more from them next season, as they look almost ready to fight for the title now. They need 2/3 quality signings.


Good first 11 but they’re lacking any depth. There is a sizeable gulf between the likes of Alli, Kane and Alderweireld and the players on their bench.


I think their skint they sold walker who probley was one off the best RB last season and haven’t replaced him they haven’t bought another forward to replace the goals when Kane goes injured and they coming out saying their relaying on their youth. That doesn’t sound like a team who have funds to burn.


That’s true but they don’t seem to get as many injuries as some of the other top clubs, a bit like Chelsea.
If they do get injuries to their best players, it could mean they will struggle.

I think they have already said that because of the new stadium, that their spending will be limited.
So they might only spend what they got from the sale of Walker.


£15m on Arshavin half way through the the 08/09 season is easily equivalent to Spurs spending £35m last summer imo. £35m isn’t a lot any more, shit clubs can spend that much, let alone clubs like Spurs.

If we characterise this period for Spurs as them not spending huge sums whilst trying to pay for a new stadium then I think the most appropriate period of ours to compare it to is when we were not spending huge sums because we were trying to pay for our new stadium.


Are having was a relative success as far as I’m concerened, and it was obvious why we wanted to sign him, where as sisoko had just had a shit season with Newcastle and got relegated…

Sisoko might have had a half decent euros but arshavin absolutely lit up the international torniment before we signed him, completely difrent imo


We’re talking about transfer fees and spending patterns, whether the players were successful or not is irrelevant.


Well that’s basically from this transfer window onwards hen isn’t it? How is Poch getting credit for a transfer policy nobody knows the outcome of?

they have spent silly money on plenty of flops so this transfer policy must be a new thing


They will finish outside the top 4 this year. Unless they pull some good transfers out of their ass in the next month.


Were talking about how successful a managers transfer policy’s are no?