Scum thread


lets wait and see. Prime Aguero was considered on par with prime Suarez.

Jesus has a fucking mountain to climb to get anywhere near that.


Where’s my like then ya cunt


There you go. Happy? :wink:


He was? Prime Suarez scored 31 goals in 2013/14, with non from the penalty spot. That’s still comfortably above Aguero’s best Premier League season.


Prime Suarez was a goddamn freak of nature.


Is Suarez not in his prime now?


He was…and I still don’t think he’s past it, either. I thought Liverpool had moved a step down by effectively substituting Torres for Suarez but little did I know.

To think we could’ve signed him with a more sensible bid, in spite of the ridiculously disrespectful comments that Liverpool made thereafter.


English Premier league Suarez, who was a less well behaved version of Barcelona Suarez.


LOL at Kane being called a nobody, the bloke is only 23 and already had 3 20 + goal EPL seasons.


Couldn’t be arsed to think of a better place to put this.

But lol


had no idea that arry is 70 years old, he is ugly but I thought he was in his early 60s




He got engaged


Looks like thats engaged to me Bl1nk :wink:


Haha whoops


Ah another engagement with a photographer on standby

@Mysty will love this… :arteta:


He is saying to her:
“Please give me back my handbag.”


God, Footballers really do lack imagination and originality. Yeah, well done Harry, you scored again it seems :hipster:


She’s saying, “Fuck you, mate. I’m not going up to poxy Manchester.”


Good for them.