Scum thread


Should have put 100 on the scum. What a beat down, they are on fire. Hope Wenger is watching.


And they are gonna probably finish trophyless again. A new Arsenal. Play well, win nothing :wilshere:


1992 give it to Wrighty.


No probably about it.


Some people really rate that golden boot lol.


Sanchez is better than Kane no matter the goals. Fuck that retard.


Kane is very good, but Alexis is simply more complete and technical.


Kane is a nobody still, his goals still yet to win something.


He’s really not. Guy is the best striker in the league. Wish we had this “nobody”


Until he wins something in the football world he’s still a nobody. Rated highly in England but not elsewhere.


I’ve wanted him back at Arsenal for 3 seasons


Ffs :joy::joy::joy:


undeniable talent.


Apart from being recognised as a world class striker with loads of potential, that is still a ridiculous thing to say.

You don’t have to win anything to be considered a great footballer.

Griezman has only won the Spanish Supercopa but is considered one of Europe’s top players.

Phil Neville has won more trop[hies than most of our players put together but that doesn’t make him a world class player.

I’d have Kane here, simply because he is the best striker in the PL.
How you can say he is “a nobody” is completely ignorant.


Aguero is the best striker in the league. The most Henry-like player in the PL since Thierry left.


Henry like? In what regard? I’ve only ever really seen the Romario comparisons as being accurate. Not sure where the Henry one comes from.


From what I’ve seen of Aguero, he’s an incredibly dynamic, make-your-own chances striker. Even if he isn’t playing in a gifted side (think Henry in 2007) he could still have a great season. I honestly believe they are very similar in that regard but Aguero (I’m not sure if it’s just that Man City aren’t “sexy” or media-savvy enough) is often overlooked


I’d rather have Kane plus Jesús looks like he’s taking Agüero’s place.


Agüero in previous seasons > Kane this one.

But Jesus will probably be better than both of them.


Yeah spot on AC. Agree with that