Scum thread


Sad days when you start comparing achievements to Spurs.



I know we’re in no position to take the piss right now but :joy:


Rachel Riley called Spurs ‘bottle jobs’ on live TV :sweat_smile:


Rachel :heart_eyes:


Hahaha that is fucking jokes, she is perfect


No argument there but Chelsea could afford it given how far ahead they were. All I am saying is, if this were a Man Utd side under Fergie, you can be sure they would have gotten a result against West Ham and made Chelsea work for the title. Honestly, I didn’t think Spurs would slip up cause I do believe they are that good (yeah I said it), but they do tend to falter right at the end of the chase and just ease the pressure.

Put another way, if we were in the same position, my first reaction wouldn’t be “oh I am proud of my team”, it would be of frustration and massive disappointment at a lost opportunity. Yes, in all probability, it was going to be too little too late, but a win would have at least kept Chelsea honest right to the end, and we would have done everything we could, given how impossible it looked at one point, which would have made me supremely proud.


Laugh all we want at them… they are finishing miles above us with a stronger, better squad and better manager. Only reason we will overtake them again is because we are richer and they are going to Wembley.

Last year is was LC, this year it is Spurs and likely Pool… which team will “surprise” us and be above us next year?


The word team should have an “s” on the end of it.


If they don’t win something soon no one is gonna remember their 2nd spot and “best squad they have had in ages”.


Who cares? They are a much smaller club with far inferior financial horsepower - they shouldn’t be finishing above us is what everyone is saying and understands and yet we are still finding solace in the fact that they smashed us this season because they are less rich (duh) and are bound to regress (Wembley plus the aforementioned wealth gap)…

Fact is, if we don’t get our act together, we could have another season scraping low 70’s and there is every reason that Spurs could at least threaten that next season.

I mean FFS they absolutely destroyed us this year in terms of points and performances.


Silly Spurs, thinking they’d get serious answers to this on Twitter :joy:


Rather than a time capsule they should get a plaque on the outside of the new stadium celebrating more half a century since they last won the League.


“Middlesex County Council” < I respect that. :sunglasses:


Maybe they will bury all the DVDs they made and didnt sell…its all the place is fit for landfill!


Farewell White Hart Lane, it’s not been a happy hunting ground the past few years but we won two league titles in that ground, as many as they’ve won in their entire history. Hard not to look at it with some fondness :sunglasses:


Stupid question, but when the new stadium is built, what are they going to call it?


Selling it to a sponsor


the toilet bowl sponsored by exlax


Pepsi™ presents White Hart Lane?