Scum thread


Interesting fact about a dive when it says natural way of falling you move your arms forward and down to protect yourself from the fall a lot of the simulation and diving their arms go up no one ever falls or gets tripped that way. Maybe the fucking refs should keep this in mind and if they see flailing arms above the head when falling they should book that player.


So the exodus begins :wink: :santi2:


Pretty good for a player not fit to polish Ozil’s boots @Midfield_Maestro :wink:


Come back when he’s won multiple titles including the world cup and lead the charts for mosts assists in Europe :wink:


That world cup title hasn’t done much for us or Ozil while Eriksen has been single-handedly winning games for Spurs, counting several last minute winners in injury time :wink:


Its hard to compare. Eriksen has a great functioning team around him. Ozil is a gem in a steaming pile of dung.


He’s having a brilliant season tbf. However, I’m not sure he’s been this prolific since he joined has he?


He’s been fantastic for them every season. He’s had a better return over 4 seasons than Ozil. Though with more minutes in fairness.

And mm is right, I’m sure Ozil would be doing better for literally any other team as well.


Fair play. The most Arsenal-y player in North London and he doesn’t play for us. I’m jealous.


Its also a bit different as well because Poch utilises his strengths and masks his weaknesses (which fair pay aint many) but what does wenger fucking do…the dunce gets one of the best assisters on the planet and plays him front line on the wing etc instead of behind the striker, constantly playing him out of position and exposing him and also doesnt have the quality of players ozil needs around him to make a difference.


I wouldn’t compare both in terms of raw talent as it’s hard to do anyway and most will say that it’s Özil, but I don’t think the overall impact Eriksen has had for Spurs over the years is really far off what Özil has done for Arsenal.


Would Ozil be as good as Eriksen is in that scum team, if we would swap them? I think Eriksen has a better mentality than Ozil, which contributes to the team.

Ozil won the WC, but that’s hardly just Ozil’s doing, he had a great functioning team around him there.

I wish Ozil had the mentality and quality to take our team out of the ditch and back on its feet again.


Exactly, that’s why I made another post.

Ozil looked the better player when he was playing in good sides; now Eriksen is almost looking the brighter star because of the way the scum are playing in general this season.

It also helps No.10’s immensely when you have a very good striker (or great front line) in the team.


Don’t forget that Eriksen smashed it every season at Ajax as well, he’s only been building on his success so far. His numbers go up every season almost.

And all for a measly £11m.


He’s off his fucking rocker :joy:


Imagine being as good a footballer as Campbell was, but being disliked by such a large percentage of the supporters of both clubs you played for.


No dislike from me towards Sol, but I see your point overall.


Why would Arsenal fans dislike him?


Because of the manner in which he walked out on us for starters.


Didn’t​ his contract run out as he didn’t want to stay as he wanted to try Europe but ended up at Portsmouth? :joy:

Big Sol is never one I’ve hated for leaving.