Scum thread


I mean sure, but it’s a fucker to get to ridiculously expensive and for fans way up north just not practical at all…


nothing would make me laugh louder than these idiots going to wembley fighting the relegation fight getting relegated and then realising ‘we have an £800,000,000 stadium to pay for’ aaahhhhhhh man that would be so fapworthy!


I don’t think I’d even need to have a wank, I’d just spontaneously ejaculate.


Pochettino: 3 years, 0 trophy
Old stubborn prat: 3 years, 4 trophies and a chance to win another F.A. Cup.

No one will ever remember Spurs’s second place. Cunts!


Nobodys remembering them shields mate.


Tbf to them this season’s more of a title challenge than we’ve seen in many years.


Tottenham have given a better title challenge than we have done in the last 12 years.

We haven’t been in the top 2 in either April or May since 2004 ffs.

Spurs have done two years in a row.


Apart from last year. :sunglasses:



Hah shows how forgettable it was.

Although we finished 2nd in 2005 aswell so must be #1 I’m thinking of then!


So? Still no trophy. Tottenham run the risk of being another Roma.


Let them have their moment. 1/21 times. We can still finish the season with more trophies.


Finally some sense.


They’re finishing 2nd… we done that last year. They finished 3rd when the title race was only supposed to between them and Leicester. Until they have trophies to show for it they’ll always be a small club.


Even Almunia has turned against Wenger in that pic lol


I can’t really tell if that’s a good or bad thing. I see it mostly as far as expectations go and I think they’d consider any season in the top4 to be a success for now, while it’s us who were aiming for more. Not to take anything away from the FA cup but in terms of prestige it’s still a bit behind the league title and European success.


It’s the oldest cup in the world. It’s enough for me to want to win it.


Seven Sister Road cunts. That’s it.


Bet he’s off to Manchester City.

Pep’s ideal RB


Poch rotates his fbs a lot. He wasn’t really dropped he’ll play the next match. I guess maybe he wants to play every single match. Hope it’s the start of the mass player exodus that plagues the scum every 5 years or so.