Scum thread


And they wonder why everyone hates them… Thick Muggy bully wankers.


“He’s one of our own. He’s one of our ooooown”


Lol! What a bunch of cunts! Fighting with each other.


I bit and sent an email in response to someone talking about Spurs fans creating a “St Arsenhole’'s Day”


Nice one Jakey, of course your email would get published! You are so eloquent with your words :slight_smile:


They say they are not bothered about finishing above us and celebrating, then they proceed to hurl shit loads of insults… Deluded inbred shitcunts…


I’m convinced it’s just a different form of one-upmanship from some of them, making themselves out to be better fans. Playing the whole “we don’t even care if we finish above Arsenal” card when for years their fans talk shit about how they’re better than us only for us to finish above them again. All that mind the gap stuff that they did that one year, countless occasions of their players coming out and talking about how they’re better than us.


in my mind, most of the stuff we come up with is in retaliation to what they’ve done…







We might not have got an NLD at Wembley this season but we will have at least one next season!


The way they play there stick 20 on them being relegated


It will be interesting to see what their transfer business will be like, while they are having to pay for their new stadium.
I hope they have to balance the books with a zero net spend like we did.
If they do, we might see Pochettino go elsewhere, and then have to sell their best players like we did.


What happens if Spurs get to the FA Cup semi finals again? Technically that’s their home ground and the games are supposed to be played at neutral grounds.



Wembley are desperate for money from their cash cow so I can’t see them scrapping the semifinals at Wembley thing. Sadly.

Take them back to Villa Park, Old Trafford etc. I say


Still astounds me the national stadium was built there and not in the midlands, but obviously not Norwich nottingham or Birmingham as they are terrible places


Maybe it’s because I’m a simple Irishman and a Dubliner at that but I can’t imagine the national stadium being built anywhere but the capital…


That’s them out of next year’s title race then.