Scum thread


1 win in their last 9 games at Wembley :grimacing::eyes:


Hopefully they’ll carry that form to the brand new shitbowl they’re building.


7 FA Cup semi finals lost in a row. :eyes:


Could be worse. They could be Benfica




Hopefully they can bottle it again like they did last year :smiley:


Hopefully, and then Man City will finish second instead of them.

We will still be 6th.


According to Danny Murphy, the grass at Wembley is longer and softer than what Spurs are used to. Imagine having the balls to pipe up with that excuse live on TV!

Spurs must be relieved that they don’t have to play there much though. Oh… :giroud:


So even if they are about to finish above us, they are still probably gonna finish trophyless, while we have an outside chance to win the F.A. Cup. Spurs are always Spurs.


Must have got that from the Theo Walcott book of quotes… Isnt Wembley, basically their home ground?





I’m so glad they lost that semi final. There is no way i would of been able to of coped with a final against them

How the Chavs scored 4 against them i just dont know but it was hilarious to see


“Time to head in and enjoy some booze!” :laughing:


it happened again
it happened again
lost in the semi
it happened again


all i can say to that is :gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel: :facepalm:

that atmosphere he was talking about was soooooooooooo electric :wilshere:


We have swapped European competitions with them.
They will be in the CL next season, and we are in their usual European competition, The Europa League.

I wonder, if they don’t win anything and we beat Chelsea and win the FA Cup, will they start saying top four is like a trophy?


Of course, as they are obsessed with us :wink:


If the media says its a trophy everyone says it is. Its not its a gimmick, a marketing ploy. In short its fuck all.


8 straight wins in the Premier League, it would be really nice to end the streak on Sunday.