Scum thread


We’ll beat them at WHL. If it stops them becoming (whispers) champions, that’ll be the icing on the cake


I hope we do.
But all that proves is that we have gone from PL title contenders, to no more than a small team trying to stop their bigger rivals winning a trophy, which is exactly what they normally do.

Personally I think they will beat us convincingly and will be challenging for the PL title until the last game.
Anyone thinking they can’t catch Chelsea is mistaken.
They are in form, have very few injuries and are scoring a lot of goals.


I suppose, in a weird roundabout way, it will be their just deserts. We all recall how they very conveniently floundered against Manchester United in both 1999 and 2003. Furthermore, how they game raised against us in 2010 and beat us 2-1 (in spite of that, we played very well that game, gained injuries in the process and we pretty much lost the league that day. I want them to experience the same sort of pain)


Does anyone seriously believe they’re in a title race? I don’t, 4 points behind, Chelsea with a game in hand and Spurs have a harder run in. They’ve done well to finish a likely second and are solid in every position pretty much. As a team they’re functioning better than the bigger spenders below them. But they’re also fortunate they’ve had very few injuries.


Spurs are stronger than us in all areas of the pitch now, that’s hard to take. Genuinely worried we will get humiliated at their shit hole.


We have a reduced allocation of 2300-odd anyway because of what happened last time, so 700 people are going to feel relieved they missed out come the final whistle :eyes:


We are getting 700 less for tearing down a cheap plastic banner?! How many less do they get at ours due to the damage they cause every fucking game?!


It’s obviously a very long shot but I think what’s important is that the players believe they’re in a title race and they’re bringing out the performances and not throwing it away like they did last year. At the very least it’ll be progress that they hung in there and fought for it and if they break 80 points then I’m guessing that’s probably their highest point tally since it became 3 points for a win.


4 points behind with 6 to play…In a FA Semi…They are (just as much Chavski are) not only in a title race, but a Double hunt too

Chavs game in hand is today away at OT…


They are in the title race by keeping Chelsea honest.

If Chelsea were to lose against United today, doubt would creep it. In fact now is probably the best time to put money on these cunts for the title.


It’s highly unlikely they can win it as good as they have been, they’d have to be perfect and not drop any points for the remainder of the season, even if that does happen they need Chelsea to Lose and United not win at Everton and drop points in another game.


Scum run is as follows

Chavs Semi Final (Win this, and will really put doubt in Chavs mind)
Away to Palace
Home to Us
Away to Wet Spam
Home to Utd
Away to Leics
Away to Hull

Looking at that, remaining undefeated to end of season is a real possibility, Can only see points dropped maybe V Utd (lets be honest, on current form they will smash us at home…just have to hope the NLD formbook rule applies and we get something)…Id estimate 15/16 points gained there…only 4 behind right now…

Chavs run in

Away to Utd (today)
Scum (semi Final)
Home to S’ton
Away at Everton
Home to Boro
Away to WBA
Home to Watford
Home to Sunderland

the only saving grace is, I cannot see Chavs dropping many points in this run other than maybe to Utd.


Okay hold that view on the cup if you want, but next weeks game will be billed as huge and people expect them to do well.
Winning the cup against 2 top sides will do a hell of a lot for them imo and more than second will.
People dont remember that and reasons I gave before are likely to hinder them. A trophy imo will give more belief to their credentials.
Im not playing down their season just saying they havent done anything yet to be overly impressed or feel threatend with yet.
Yes they are looking better than us this season. No problem admitting that but they have a long way to go to convince me that anything major is on the horizon.


Don’t care about the league position. Would love to beat them in the F.A. Cup final.


I hope that they struggle to keep their best players this summer, even Pocchetino.

We’re like a rabbit caught in headlights when it comes to transfer dealings. Get our players to hold us to ransom. A manager who can demand whatever he wants in wages. When we want the very best players we can’t offer their current club what they want. All symptoms of a horrible syndrome.


Chelsea will win all their remaining home games easily.

They can afford to lose at least one away game and probably two, which i don’t think will happen

Agree that the semi final will have some psychological bearing on things, but Conte seems to have them ultra confident just like MoPo


That would be just what the doctor ordered. If only Wenger knew how to get to the final, let alone win it.


Any other time in the last twenty years, I’d have been totally up for an Arsenal/Spurs cup final, but they’re having their best season in a long time and we’re having our worst season in a long time. Plus we’ve really struggled to beat them in recent seasons. They would be so much more up for it than us, I really don’t have confidence in our lot to pull off a result in the final if we went against them.


I’d never have been up for a final with Spurs, my heart can barely withstand two regular NLDs a year :sweat_smile:


Wow… Chavs really have an advantage there… they have basically 1 tricky match away to Everton - the rest should be straightforward… feeling better about Spurs chances now… was genuinely worried they could nick it, but now I don’t think so…