Scum thread


There’s nothing interesting or special about this quote. It doesn’t reveal anything interesting about his mentality or the mentality at Spurs.

It’s not like Wenger or any other manager ever comes out and says that their club’s sole aspiration is to finish above their local rivals.

Any manager who admits they don’t have bigger things to aim for than that is a mug and would be asking for a hiding.

Also Pochettino is a bit of a fat cunt and I didn’t like being subjected to that photo of him.


I don’t know if the phone has auto corrected cunt or if fat content is a phrase I just haven’t heard before to describe someone who’s fat and doesn’t care but either way fucking lol. :smile:


So the brother and nephew want to get together to watch the NLD. I guess I have to go since I’ve been giving them shit since we’ve even been even remotely interested in football.


Or, you could tell them to get fucked.


Yeah you have to suck it up and do it, will be a painful experience watching us get belted at the Lane but you cant wimp out.


Lol we get together for it at least one a year regardless of hiw shit either team is. I’ve been on the winning side more times than not, so yeah I think I’m gonna have to suck it up amd takenmy medicine. Even though I think we can still beat them.


If we beat them it would be a boilover of massive proportions, they have a 14-2-0 record at the Lane this season, whilst we have lost our last 4 league games conceding 12 goals in the process.


There is a chance. Spurs and expectation and this will be huge for them dont always turn up.
Think a lot thought wed lose there last year but we took a point.
Not confident at all but. . .


We’ve fucked up enough NLDs despite being higher in the league, no reason to think they won’t do the same.

It’s probably be a pointless 1-1 anyway.


At least you’re not paying £30 + extras for the privilege of seeing us lose, probably humiliated, mercilessly abused and then forced to stay around their empty ground afterwards to stew


7 league wins on the bounce.


Unbeaten home league season imminent


Just hope someone comes in for Pochettino. It’s our only realistic chance to return above them.


Fuck off Tottenham.


Argh they look so organised and full of quality


Media love in is getting a bit sickening, had enough of this with Leicester last season


They are a machine right now… front to back and so organized… impressive atm.


They fucking destroy teams at their place. Not looking forward to our trip there in two weeks time.


Goal Difference of +46 shows true signs of quality.


They’ve got a bunch of players and coach that we could have had for reasonable enough money but didn’t bother.

Son, Lamela, Dembele, Eriksen, Vertonghen, Wanyama and Aldeweireld were all clearly good before Spurs bought them and I can’t speak for Dier and Alli as I wasn’t too familiar with them but it’s not like they came from nowhere either.

It looks like they’re going to get more points this year than we’ve got in about 9 years and the year after Leicester too so maybe it’s not just us being unable to complete financially. The points and goal difference between us is ridiculous but our lack of progress was always going to lead to this I guess.